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MD-Textile – Gunfighter Sling


From Germany’s MD-Textile comes the Gunfighter, a lightly cushioned, Quick-Adjust 2-Point sling, which relies on the same adjuster used in ALICE Pack straps.


The 43 mm wide cushion consists of Cordura laminate and is fitted on the inside with a layer of anti-Slip Rubber. The 30mm laser cut slots are PALS compatible.


“Handmade in South Germany”, with a 5 year warranty.



15 Responses to “MD-Textile – Gunfighter Sling”

  1. Asinine Name says:

    ‘Tactical robe’, check it out!

  2. ninjatalksho says:

    WTF do you need PALS webbing on a sling for?

  3. will sew for kit says:

    I was wondering the same thing. PALS on a sling? Hmm.

  4. Rob Collins says:

    GPS pouch or similar, for a weather meter? (I wouldn’t, just sayin’…) ALICE buckles are bulky, noisy too, and I’ve never needed a QD rifle sling.

    This has solutions for problems that aren’t.

    • SSD says:

      Once again, you don’t need it, so no one else does. Got it.

      Maybe someone else will attach a TQ. Another guy may attach a V’lite.

      • Joe_momma says:

        Can we get a like button already?

      • Rob Collins says:

        I was advocating for uses, sorry that saying I don’t need it those prompted the “piss down back” response. Swinging stuff off a sling is a great idea.


      • some idiot says:

        I was caught up in my sling while doing a mounted interdiction of fleeing insurgents. It wasn’t a QD sling so I cut it off me. Probably would have preferred to just hit a release or buckle instead of destroy the sling.

        I guess I still didn’t need it though right lol?

        • Robert Collins says:

          “I’ve never needed a QD rifle sling.”
          “sorry that saying I don’t need it…”

          Now I’ve said 4 times, while proposing multiple uses for it, that I don’t need it. I don’t need a speedy stitcher, and I never proposed to tell some idiot what he needs, but, way to extrapolate my fickle view of my needs with yours, idiot.

          Maybe you need (here’s me telling you what you need…) you need my speedy stitcher more than me. And maybe some (quieter?) Kydex QD buckles, but, you’ve probably bought two of these, seeing how you go through slings….

  5. Loopy says:

    Put some Velcro on it for morale patches and I’ll be sold

  6. ALAN says:

    Just a thought…..
    several brands single pistol mag pouches,USGI issue flashbang pouch ect all are 1 PALS row wide.
    Good place to put a 1 row PPM pistol mag pouch and put MultiTasker or rifle breakdown\maintenance tool,or,as SSD already mentioned,a TQ,either rubber banded to sling,or in a flashbang or custom made pouch for one.

    Im as guilty as the next guy of criticising seemingly “dumb” equipment, but I have been trying not to be so quick to judgement,(1):Because someone,somewhere, might need and’or like said piece of gear, and,most important,(2):”Dumb” ideas are many times how new,better,ideas come about.
    Another thing to keep in mind, is this is made in Germany-their Military may have different ideas than us,and might seem perfectly ‘normal’ to them, and be sold out by the time I finished typing this.

    Just my .02 cents. Not pointing fingers,nor criticising, just giving my own thought(s) and idea on things.

  7. Marcel says:

    Hey Guys,

    I´m Marcel, the CEO of md-textil wich is making the slings 🙂

    Regarding the PALS on the Sling, there is a simple answer.
    Due to the fact that we cut the cordura for the padding with a laser, it was very easy and cheap to add the pals to the padding.

    There was no special need for it, but some people may find some use for it, or not the option does not have any Disadvantages but can be a plus.

    Best Regards from Germany and sorry for raping your language 🙂