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1975 Camo Trials


This photo is from a 1975 US camouflage evaluation. On the left is a vertical Tigerstripe print overprint on the ERDL pattern. To the right is a Tigerstripe pattern. Both uniforms are the Rapid Deployment Force cut.

12 Responses to “1975 Camo Trials”

  1. cy says:

    The only thing that blends in this photo is the helmet cover.

  2. Ahisa says:

    I remember somone mentioning that the vertical stripe overlays were primarily for areas with dense Bamboo forests. In those conditions, it worked pretty good.

  3. Adam says:

    They look like bad Halloween costumes. LOL!

    • jim says:

      I kinda thought it would be pretty rad Halloween costumes! As a kid I would have loved it.

  4. Eddie says:

    I own a set of just about every ERDL variation. I don’t know why but I am so attached to the stuff. ERDL Green is my pick for most effective woodland pattern, it needed a longer service life than it had. So lucky to get my hands on it in my size, it’s getting rare.

    ERDL gets less effective the saltier it gets, which was the main issue with it because it faded so badly. People argue that helps, but I think Multicam fading is an outlier because Green fades to grey and grey sticks out in the jungle. That’s a big problem with a lot of the Tiger stripe patterns, you end up becoming a dark grey blob unless you’ve got darker, vibrant colors in it to make it work.

    Why Propper Asian Tiger Camouflage is superior to their regular tiger.

  5. MThomas says:

    Tiger Stripe Guys are killing it, But Rudy Reyes is really killing it in the beyond ad. If shit breaks down in the Pacific Northwest his camo is perfect.
    He disappears in the rocks and trees there.

    • rob says:

      DUDE hliarous, I had NO IDEA what you were referencing. Now I learned 2 new things this morning!