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US Army Releases FM 3-0 Operations, Just In Time For AUSA

It’s Saturday night, how about you curl up with a book?



9 Responses to “US Army Releases FM 3-0 Operations, Just In Time For AUSA”

  1. .308 says:

    Why would this information be made available to the public?

    • SSD says:

      It’s doctrine. It always has. The better question is, why shouldn’t it?

    • PNWTO says:

      Because there’s no sensitive information in it?

    • Sean says:

      And I believe we’ve found the boot licking statist 😉

    • Kirk says:

      Probably so the public will be able to know precisely what the Army won’t be doing…

      ‘Cos we all know that the only reason we publish this shit in the first place is so we have something to ignore as a baseline.

  2. Ex Coelis says:

    Information is empowerment – thank you SSD for sharing the wealth.

  3. Chris Iten says:

    Is it wrong that the staff officer in me got way too excited to see that?

    • Jon says:

      Chris- I’ve been out a few years now and still got excited to see it. There was a lot that could be used for outside military stuff too- so I may still download a copy.

      but no, if it’s wrong, then I don’t want to be right.