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AUSA 17 – FN SCAR Modularity

FN America breaks down SCAR modularity in this single graphic, which also serves as the backdrop to their AUSA booth.


Notice the caliber options along the bottom: 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 6.5mm CREEDMOOR, and .260 Remington.


9 Responses to “AUSA 17 – FN SCAR Modularity”

  1. Bille says:

    Wouldn’t mind that as a poster actually.

  2. Steve says:

    As a SCAR 17S owner, I thought I’d make a version of this for all the proud civilian owners of this rifle:


  3. bub says:

    It’s too bad your poster is accurate Steve. Though I do wonder how well things like caliber conversion kits would actually sell. People bitch enough about the cost of the 17s as is.

    • KRW says:

      If the conversion kit could come in well under the cost of the SCAR 16S, you’d probably see more 17s sell. You could SBR one rifle (instead of two), as well.

    • Steve says:

      Honestly, if FN could even sort out their spare part supply chain for civilian customers, that would be a step in the right direction…

      Strip an aluminum part in the SCAR and you’re potentially looking at 6+ months of downtime, as it stands.

      At least you can buy the factory barrels in different lengths now… at the low-low cost of ~$1000/ea.

      Of all the items on that poster, the 5.56 conversion and the M-LOK conversion kits are probably the most interesting to me. I know there’s a lot of interest in the SSR parts, but to me, it’s a completely different platform and one I don’t ever plan on picking up.

  4. mudd says:

    FN didn’t include the best mod for the SCAR..

    The non-reciprocating charging handle / bolt carrier modification.

  5. Bulldog76 says:

    I’m not saying they are looking for an army contract buuuut

  6. goplatguy says:

    Too bad they don’t offer much to civilian customers aside from the base 16 and 17 rifles. Companies like Stryker Enterprises have stepped up to offer the best aftermarket trigger modules for both the PMag and FN mag along with their version of the Mk20 SSR stock and other parts. Team dudes have been running the SE kit on their 17s and 20s in theatre