Breakthrough Clean Releases New Line of Battle Ropes

Breakthrough® Clean Technologies, makers of the finest gun cleaning solvent, lubricant and gun maintenance products is proud to announce the release of their new Battle Ropes™. The new Breakthrough® Clean Battle Ropes™ are available in a wide variety of caliber widths, to cover all of your firearm cleaning needs. Designed to better clean the bore of your firearm, the Battle Rope’s integrated bronze brush and detachable hard bristle nylon brush provide twice the cleaning action. The threaded brass link allows for quick detachment of the hard bristle nylon brush for ease of cleaning the rope and its weighted brass end makes it easy to guide the rope through the barrel. Thicker than other leading brands, the Battle Rope™ fills the bore completely for a superior clean and its caliber tag makes it easy to always identify the rope you are using.

.22 / .223 Cal (Pistol/ Rifle)
.243 Cal (Rifle)
.270 Cal (Rifle)
.35 / .38 Cal / 9mm (Pistol)
.30 Cal (Rifle)
.40 Cal (Pistol)
.44 / .45 Cal (Pistol)
12 Gauge (Shotgun)
20 Gauge (Shotgun)

MSRP starts at: $15.95

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