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TangoDown – iO Cover For Aimpoint T-2


TangoDown has announced the iO Cover for the Aimpoint T-2. The iO Cover T-2 is made of a durable thermoplastic polyurethane material which resist solvents, oils, and UV exposure, and takes most spray paints and hydrodip processes. It fits snugly to the Aimpoint T-2/H-2/R-2 red dot sight, and features solid caps which protect the lenses from damage. These caps also nest together to keep them together while the optic is in use.


Available in Black and Flat Dark Earth.



3 Responses to “TangoDown – iO Cover For Aimpoint T-2”

  1. Ryan Snow says:

    Yeeeees . Thank you JC. When you said that you would release the io cover for the t2 I thought it was just another sales pitch.

  2. SLG says:

    I have one. I like it.

  3. Alexander Osha says:

    I see that “R-2” is listed — does that mean Aimpoint is making an R-2 model?