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Beez Combat Systems BALCS GRID

·The ultimate in laser cut body armor carrier performance.
·Modular laser cut attachment points on entire vest for maximum versatility.
·Padded 3D mesh interior provides additional comfort and airflow.
·The carrier has an internal and a full external adjustable cummerbund.
·Supports 10×12, ESAPI Medium and Large, Swimmer cut.
·Side plate pockets on the inside of cummerbund – supports 6×6, 6×8 and 7×8.
·Cummerbund has velcro access for soft armor inserts(6×12-15″) or rigid inserts.
·Concealable rear adjustment sleeve for cummerbund.
·4” Shoulder pads with laser cut routing and fully adjustable shoulders
·Reinforced drag handle.

The BALCS GRID Body Armor Carrier is available in Small, Medium, Large and XL.

Color options are currently: Multicam, Coyote and Black. For more info please check out: www.beezcombatsystems.com/BALCS-Cumber-GRID-BCS-BG-Cumber

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8 Responses to “Beez Combat Systems BALCS GRID”

  1. some other joe says:

    Stupid question time. Does “Supports 10×12, ESAPI Medium and Large, Swimmer cut.” mean the internal pockets support four different plate sizes?

  2. will sew 4kit says:

    TUBES … Nice touch…

  3. Yes, The internal front and back pocket have two – 2″ adjustment straps to secure the hard plate in place.

    • gd442 says:

      will you be making IOTV version vest with tubes and will they have internal pockets for side plates?

  4. Adun says:

    Any chance of getting pictures of the interior of the carrier?

  5. Send us an email for interior pics – [email protected]

  6. Ex Coelis says:

    REALLY like the design, wish it shipped Internationally….

  7. Yes, we can make an IOTV GRID version with FirstSpear Tubes. Contact us