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Atlas 46 – Legacy A3 Pack

This makes me SO happy. John Carver’s company, Atlas 46, has introduced their Legacy A3 Pack, a classic design, that goes back decades.


– Patriot made 1000D abrasion resistant Cordura® nylon
– Heavy Duty #10 YKK® zippers with dual sliders on main compartments
– Hydration compatible, hydration bladder NOT included
– Reinforced carry handle capable of heavy carrying
– Ergonomic shoulder design enables fuller range of motion and arm swing
– Removable/adjustable sternum strap
– Fully padded back panel for comfort
– Stitched with bonded nylon thread
– Fully adjustable/removable padded waist strap
– 28″ removable sleeping bag/tool roll tie down straps
– 16″ removable top cargo straps
– Side retention straps with side release buckles
– As long as America is the land of the free this product is guaranteed for life
– Made in the greatest country in the world


Offered in Black, Coyote or MultiCam (slight upcharge).


22 Responses to “Atlas 46 – Legacy A3 Pack”

  1. Willis Bee says:

    I loved when Carver was running Blackhawk !! Good stuff !

    • D308 says:

      I always thought Carver was EI, did he have a hand with BHI as well?

    • Kirk says:

      Dude, if I were you, I’d start carrying an extensive repair kit with you, whenever you go out–‘Cos, the gods of tactical nylon are gonna whip your ass, but good.

      Carver? Associating his good name with Blackhawk…? That’s at least a -11 on a ten-point karma scale… I wouldn’t give a plugged nickel for the odds of any of your gear surviving your next serious use, and you’ll prolly hear a lot of “I ain’t never seen that before…” when you try to make a warranty claim.

      Kinda like I heard from Blackhawk, when they told me to screw off over the multiple failures I had with their stuff over the years.

      • Irish says:

        Hey Kirk, I have some really early Blackhawk 3 day packs that are actually on par with EI. I also have come across their later versions of the same pack and failure is a good description of its quality.

        • Kirk says:

          I was buying Eagle gear back before even the Rangers were doing the three-day ruck thing. First Blackhawk stuff I bought I purchased because I couldn’t get my hands on the equivalent Eagle stuff, and… Wow, was that a mistake.

          I had an Eagle AIII that I beat the shit out of for years. No issues. Took it back to the plant to show off, when I was back at Leonard Wood for ANCOC, and they did some reinforcing on the few seams that failed. The Blackhawk crap…? LOL–The ruck straps pulled out of the pack, sent it back, they said “You abused the product; we don’t warrant abuse…”. Had that happen with their version of the AIII, an LBV, and one other item I forget. If Blackhawk ever made quality gear, I missed buying during whatever window that was. I know other guys swear by it, but my experiences with their products and customer service…? Abysmal.

          Eagle, though? John Carver? Dude, one of my guys found an AIII that was abused past the point of no return, out in the woods at Fort Lewis. I think someone lost it off a helicopter, and then the animals got to it to eat the pogey bait in it. That ruck was tatters, but told my guy “Hey, try sending it back to Eagle, see if they can do something with it… Can’t cost that much to do some patch work, and you’ve got a spare ruck…”. He sent the thing off, and they sent him a new ruck for free, refusing his offer to pay anything at all.

          Carver is good people. Whoever is behind Blackhawk? Uhmmmm… Dunno, but I won’t waste money on their products.

          Atlas 46 is who I get my carpenter’s bags from, these days, now that I’m retired, and I recommend them to everyone. Same high level of customer service, same integrity. Same constant improvements to the products, too.

  2. Joe says:

    Not my style of bag, but kudos to Atlas for bringing a solid, USA made pack to the market for sub-$150. Great value and really nice features. Good on them.

  3. DSM says:

    These “3 day” rucks were the heat back in the day. Still have the one I got in OD green TT version back in the day to go with my BDUs. This take on it looks great.

  4. Adam says:

    Same basic pack made by a military contractor, at 1/2 price:

    • Tom says:

      For some reason AWS never gets much love, their products are good value for the money. I guess the website isn’t doing them any favors.

      • Rearmount says:

        I own quite a bit of AWS kit and they’re solidly built. But like what was mentioned, their website is still stuck in 2002…not being able to see how much shipping is gonna be before submitting your order is kind of a headscratcher.

    • Irish says:

      I came across a company called Fire Force USA. The gear I’ve handled seems descent. But they have the same problem AWS has with their website.

    • Lee Lanauco says:

      I’ve got one of the early, pre-PALS versions of that AWS pack. Still holding up to this day.

      Ordering from AWS is an odd experience. They take your CC info and will (sometimes) send you a tracking number, but you won’t get a receipt via e-mail… the receipt just comes in the box, so it’s only when you get the item that you see how much you paid for shipping.

      I ordered one of their Light Assaulter Belts last year and it took neigh on 3 months for it to arrive.

      AWS, great stuff, terrible website, iffy-shipping.

  5. MidGasFan says:

    Awesome! I have the Blackhawk! Phoenix version in OD I bought about 15 years ago that still sees very frequent use even though OD has fallen out of favor with the cool kids. Such a great design and I’m happy to see it offered still!

  6. Giff says:

    Saw that as well. Think I’ll have to pick one up for my son for his Basic Graduation!

  7. rearmount says:

    It’ll also be great if the side accessory pouches for these could also be brought back…I have a couple 3DAP packs that sure could use them, but they’re nearly all but unobtanium.

    • Irish says:

      Hey rearmount, I’m a huge fan of the Eagle A-iii packs. Your best bet might be ebay for those side pouches.

  8. Irish says:

    Haha, sounds like an add for Eagle if I ever heard one. If I had the choice it would be EI or LBT over anything. I admit the good Blackhawk stuff I’ve come across seems like it was all made in a 2-3 year period. But EI was always good! I’ll give Atlas 46 a shot, but I’m thinking best case scenario it’ll be a close second to my EI-AIII. Then again you never know. Have a good one Kirk.

    • Irish says:

      Whoops meant to reply to Kirk.

    • SSD says:

      Do you know who owns Atlas 46?

      • Irish says:

        Hey SSD! I had no idea. All the comments mentioning John Carver it didn’t click until I read the Atlas 46 About page. I’m slow. But I get there in the end. Is this the rebirth of old school EI? I hope so! Just joined their Email list.