Bushnell Announces AR Optics Laser Sights


OVERLAND PARK, Kansas – October 16, 2017 – Bushnell, an industry leader in high-performance optical solutions, announces the addition of three high-end laser sights to its industry-leading line of AR Optics.

Bushnell’s AR Optics line is already the category leader for MSRs. New this year, AR Optics now offers laser lighting systems in the Haste, Chase and Rush. Each model is a purpose-built laser sight with advanced features and high-performance output.

“More and more MSR users are finding the benefits of laser sighting systems impossible to ignore,” said AR Optics line manager Bryan Parrish. “Our engineers worked tirelessly to advance these systems, with innovative designs purpose-built for the rifle platform. With high-output lasers and easy one-button, constant-on operation, the Haste, Chase and Rush outperform the competition and offer users a better way to make the shot.”

Waterproof, ergonomic and ready for every MSR – including AR pistols — the Bushnell AR Optics Haste is the epitome of forward-grip lasers. Available in red or green laser options, the Haste mounts under the bore, and provides a bright, continuous, long-lasting beam with the push of a single button. The waterproof construction ensures it won’t falter in bad weather.

“Keeping the laser in-line with bore is paramount to accuracy,” Parrish said. “And we were able to do that with improved ergonomics. It allows you to better grip the rifle and provide a more stable shooting platform.”

The AR Optics Chase is two sights in one. Push a button for a bright, continuous laser beam available in red or green. Flip-up the post for a physical sight. The Chase mounts over the bore, allowing for a seamless, accurate transition between multiple targets. The back-up sight is ideal for longer shots, and integration saves valuable space on the accessory rail.

“Back-up iron sights are an important part of many shooters’ MSR accessory kit,” Parrish said. “We combined the BUIS with a laser to cut weight and also increase the laser’s accuracy by aligning it with the bore.”

The AR Optics Rush is a hi-rise optics mount with built-in laser sight for close quarter environments. The integrated, offset laser saves space on the rifle. It is available in red or green, and projects a continuous, powerful beam with one push of a button. It replaces standard optics mounts, and is compatible with any optic that can be mounted on a picatinny rail.

“Like the Chase, the Rush combines two essential accessories,” Parrish said. “It takes the optics mount and makes it a dual-purpose accessory. These purpose-built products with industry-leading technology embody the AR Optics line, and they further expand the AR Optics supremacy within this key category of the firearms market.”

Bushnell, a Vista Outdoor brand, is one of the most recognizable and trusted names in precision hunting, tactical and recreational optics and accessories. For more information, visit


9 Responses to “Bushnell Announces AR Optics Laser Sights”

  1. Pedrothemerciless says:

    Just imagine if they could get an IR laser into that package…

  2. BAP45 says:

    Not try to poo on the product but are lasers really that popular or useful outside of IR for night vision use? Just wondering if its as popular/common as they say.

    • Jack Griffin says:

      Visible lasers on rifles can be used for use of force escalation for some folks as well as for handling bad day situations such as damaged optics or one arm down. Having trained on the latter, I found having an additional tool immediately available to aim with when you’ve got a tourniquet on your support arm and an overloaded carbine tucked in your armpit is nice.

    • Cole says:

      O ya they are useful. Expecially CQB situations with a team. You can quickly and silently identify areas that are being covered and areas that are not. Plus, it’s going to quickly de-escalate a person who is aggressive if they see they are about to be shot. Plus home Invaders, they see a light with a laser in there….they know they are screwed. They have hundreds of uses.

    • Sean says:

      Nothing wrong with having another tool available just in case.

      • MidGasFan says:

        Thank you for saying this. I don’t get why lasers are the recipients of so much hate and general misunderstanding. Saying visible lasers are dumb, useless, pointless or a crutch is kind of like saying, “I don’t need a white light because my eyes are good enough”. I don’t generally like to use “good” and “enough” right next to each other since it typically means settling on an outcome. Settling in a gunfight is a BAD idea. Why not increase hit probability and your chances of walking away from a fight?

        If lasers are useless, why did S&W but Crimson Trace for 90 million dollars? They must know something.

        I like this idea and though is been done similarly, the other versions are cheap, almost airsoft quality. I wear glasses and getting a good sight picture without them at 2am should I happen to drop them, or not have time to get to them, a white light and laser could be a huge advantage. I hardly find the greatest detractors of visible lasers are those that have never properly trained with them or tried taking a truly awkward shooting position one might encounter on the street.

        Anyhow, thanks for basically saying what I said in multiple paragraphs in one sentence.

  3. D says:

    Please make an IR version.

  4. Steve (uncle beefy) says:

    I don’t know about these Gentlemen, but I’d like to get my hands on one of these to try out for myself! I like the idea of it being integrated into the grip! I’ve seen others, but this one is more streamlined and or ergonomic. Not as bulky as others I’ve seen! Let me know if you need someone to test them for you! LOL! I am serious though!

  5. Luke says:

    I’m sure they will be soon be in the hands of some USPSA PCC shooters. Great way to “game”some courses of fire shooting from the hip and around barriers.