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Prometheus Design Werx – Mountain Shirt

A Best-in-Class, Updated, American Outdoor Classic


This Fall-Winter 2017, Prometheus Design Werx introduces their new Mountain Shirt. The design and build quality will speak to men who know and always choose high calibre gear and clothing. The Mountain Shirt embodies industrial workwear grade construction such as triple needle stitching and double elbows. This style also features a detail unique to PDW design direction, a dedicated pocket to stash your favorite ferrorod-fire steel. PDW used American sourced Wool Melton to build these shirts, which is a tried and trued fabric for wilderness use. Wool has many advantages such as no-melt, no-drip and insulates even when damp-wet. Subtle modern touches which improve durability and comfort include no-loss parasmock style buttons and an engineered pattern for freedom of movement. The Mountain Shirt is a modern classic, crafted to last, and in the pursuit of a life of your choosing.


The PDW Mountain Shirt will be available in 2 weights and 3 colors, starting with a 14oz. Heather Charcoal Gray or OD Green, and followed a Special Edition in heavy duty 21oz., Navy Blue, genuine Woolrich.


The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“There is no better made, finer quality a Wool Melton outdoor men’s shirt being built in America today. The Mountain Shirt was built to last and survive not only the wilderness, but weather fleeting trends and low grade materials that come and go. Cut with a squaretail, the Mountain Shirt doesn’t have to be fussed about and tucked-in to be worn comfortably. The overall styling and design intent of our shirt are drawn from the proven outdoor wear that has withstood the test of time and also a strong nod to the iconic USN CPO shirt. These are themes and considerations that have been consistently found in our design ethos from the beginning. This shirt is designed and built for use in the wilderness. Unlike most other wool style outdoor shirts, we use industrial workwear grade triple needle stitching on all major seams, double reinforced elbows, custom made parasmock style buttons that won’t come off, and unique to our design, a dedicated pocket to stash your favorite ferrorod-fire steel. From the Yukon, the Land of a Thousand Lakes, to the Adirondacks the PDW Mountain Shirt will be right at home and on your back. We craft and build this shirt in San Francisco, CA. A city with along tradition of producing some of the world’s finest workwear starting from the days of the great Gold Rush in the 19th Century, to the peak of ship building during WWII, and beyond. PDW is proud to carry on some of that tradition in this Modern Age.”


The PDW Mountain Shirt in Heather Charcoal gray and OD Green will be available starting on Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at 12:00 noon PDT via their website,


8 Responses to “Prometheus Design Werx – Mountain Shirt”

  1. JR says:

    “The design and build quality will speak to men who know and always choose high calibre gear and clothing” Heh, that’s some heavy-handed signalling right there.

  2. TominVA says:

    Very nice. Washable?

  3. Billiam says:

    This makes me think of the M1951 wool shirt………and I like it.

  4. Elbaz says:

    The in-situe photo concept / execution doesn’t give the shirt justice. I am glad they provided studio photo, it looks sharp and something I’d want to buy.

  5. Chuck says:

    I own their Woodsman shirt and it has become my go to garment. I am continually amazed by their gear. Will definitely be getting this one too. Great designs. Great quality.