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Whiskey 5 – Greyhive


Greyhive is a media company founded by a Special Operations veteran and a former law enforcement officer. Greyhive’s web application, greyhive.com, is the premier online destination for civilians, first responders and military personnel to access trusted firearms and tactics training content.

Greyhive is a cooperative enterprise built upon a community of like-minded professionals Greyhive calls its “Experts”. All Experts are vetted by their peers, are highly regarded in their specified fields of expertise and have chosen to join the Greyhive community where they create, consolidate and deliver free training videos and articles. They possess decades of experience (active, retired and former military and law enforcement, competitive shooting, strength and conditioning, sports psychology, combatives, survival), but perhaps more importantly, Greyhive Experts possess a common passion: To lead, teach, influence and engage with individuals committed to their own professional and personal development.


Greyhive is a community where civilians, public safety professionals and military personnel go to access vetted, trusted and relevant online tactical and firearms training content. Greyhive.com consolidates industry-leading instructors, subject matter experts and training companies and delivers free articles and videos created by its “Experts”. The featured free content is Greyhive’s ‘Training Brief’ video series. The Training Brief series covers a broad spectrum of topics, but each video segment is delivered in a concise and narrowly focused format.

Greyhive is built to strengthen the bond of the men and women who invest their time, money, and hard work into their training. Whether you’re a responsibly armed citizen, law enforcement, or military personnel, Greyhive provides the knowledge that fuels the professional growth and development needed to accomplish your mission and meet your intent. Greyhive is a resource for like-minded individuals committed to defending themselves, their families, their communities and their country.


Greyhive is based in Nashville, TN.



Greyhive was founded in December 2016 and launched greyhive.com in October 2017. The first segment of the Training Brief video series will be released in November and Greyhive will begin delivering premium, subscription-based training content through its proprietary Team Room Platform in early 2018.



Greyhive has identified two significant gaps in the current firearms and tactical training continuum:

(1) There are no community-based sustainment or follow-on training solutions available to support professional, 1-to-1 online interaction between instructors and students;

(2) Instructors possess valuable subject matter expertise and highly sought-after training assets, but have no efficient way to control the dissemination of these assets online.

Follow-On Training. Students invest in attending training classes delivered by their instructors of choice. After the class ends, they have no way to continue training with the guidance and feedback from their instructors. This makes it difficult for the students to continue honing their skills and growing professionally. Without Greyhive, options for student-to-instructor interaction are too broad, too spread out, and not personal enough to get any meaningful feedback that is value added to their development. Students, as well as instructors, need a means of providing feedback, a professional community that encourages interaction and development, and a way to gain diagnostic feedback between attending classes.

Because training doesn’t end when you walk off the range.



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