Black Rifle Coffee Company Cyber Week

TD – Lightweight Down Range Jacket

The new and improved TD Down Range Jacket featuring the new fabric down technology, Heat Sealed Baffling. This technology eliminates shedding of down feathers.

Hidden Side Pockets
Heat Sealed Baffling Technology
Lightweight (11oz in pouch)
Inside Stash Pockets
Zippered breast pocket w/ Sound Port
Packable pouch for easy storage
600 Fill Down


9 Responses to “TD – Lightweight Down Range Jacket”

  1. Internetninja says:

    Cool jacket. Would love to buy one, except their website is FILLED with monetizing codes. Talk about freak out my browser. NO way I am buying on that site.

    Hey Tactical Distributors how about just sell cool gear and stop trying to insert scrips into your customers browsers !!!

    Just a few that are on your computer if you visit them :shopifypowertools, klaviyo, ajax.googleapis, pinterest, bing, avmws,, shopify, shopapps, sloyalty, beeketing,,, chaneladviser, marinsm, trustpilot…etc

    Be warned.

  2. AZLT says:

    Would buy one of these in a second if they had a hood.

    • Dellis says:

      Odd how preferences vary, I would not give it a second look if it had a hood. Hoods get in the way, if I need head coverage I wear a cap or beanie.

  3. Major_Northeast_City says:

    I find down fill when it gets wet rather uncomfortable.

  4. rearmount says:

    I like how these don’t have a hood…makes it easier to layer a hardshell over it if necessary without having a hood-Inception thing going on.