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SureFire / HSP Collaboration – D3FT Light

During the grand opening of Haley Strategic Partners’ new facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, I got a preview of a new handheld flashlight collaboration with SureFire.

The Disruptive Environments Firefly Technique (D3FT) is a single cell, singie output (500 lumens), handheld light, which can be used as an expedient weapon light while using the SureFire grip.

It offers a tail cap switch. Additionally, the dual function pocket clip indexes on the body and is held down by the grip ring.

Available Jan 2018, exclusively through Haley Strategic Partners.

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7 Responses to “SureFire / HSP Collaboration – D3FT Light”

  1. Gerard says:

    This is interesting, but it would require you carry a second light for everyday tasks, like on of thier keychain lights

    • James says:

      That’s exactly what you want in a fighting light though. Simple single output as bright as possible. Just like a fighting knife it’s not for everyday tasks, the fact that it isn’t suitable for them doesn’t really matter and ensures you will have a purpose made light with a fresh battery when you need it.

    • gil10180 says:

      Isnt your everyday/task light your phone light?

      • Gerard says:

        The light feature in the phone drains the battery too quickly, and using the phone to communicate makes it impossible to use the light feature for tasks

  2. Bob Darnell says:

    I’ll be buying at least one of these for certain!

  3. rearmount says:

    Surefire is slowiy turning out some winners based on these future releases.

    Now we have a 500 lumen light in a single-battery format? Hell yes. Let’s keep this going!

    • MidGasFan says:

      I know it! Finally a single cell light that is utterly reliable with good lumen output to go along with the forthcoming 1500 lumen Scout Light, color me excited!

      Carry this for the one serious task it’s designed for and a smaller light, like the Titan for EDC chores. It’s the theory of carrying multiple blades; one is for boxes, packages and other daily needs while the other is kept razor sharp for that moment we all train for, but pray will never come.