Oxcart Shadow Project

We’ve featured Oxcart several times. They are an American made clothing manufacturer who have partnered with several companies in the tactical industry. The Shadow Project is their latest effort.

Like the name implies, they are using all black fabrics paired with MultiCam Black NYCO.


They currently have jeans, hats, and a limited edition leather backpack (No MultiCam Black on this).

The backpack is made by a company in San Diego called Abscent, who specializes in odor absorbing bags and materials. It fits a DFNDR plate perfectly.


3 Responses to “Oxcart Shadow Project”

  1. Krauteater says:

    For the tactical hipster ? The backpack ,….omg

    • OXCART says:

      Have you tried our jeans yet? Let us know if you’re interested.


      • Jester says:

        I would be interested but I’m curious if the 34.5 inseam is long enough for me. I’m not quite a 36, but 34 is too short and I can’t find 35 length.

        Actually yours is the only pant I’ve seen in 34.5 either.