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Dynamis Alliance – ADAPTIV Denim Line Details

Friday, January 12th, 2018

DYNAMIS ALLIANCE confirms the ADAPTIV denim line is in production. This update comes a week after DYNAMIS announced their acquisition of OXCART APPAREL. Leading up to the OXCART acquisition DYNAMIS had been working with S&S PRECISION on collective intellectual property to develop the ‘ADAPTIV Integrated Waistband System’ or I.W.S. DYNAMIS has been planning on integrating this low-vis technology into their ADAPTIV denim and technical line to redefine and set a new standard with concealed carry.


“We’re innovators and mission focused on creating the best low-vis equipment in the world” said Dom Raso, Founder/ CEO DYNAMIS ALLIANCE. These strategic moves and design efforts are focused on dominating the low-vis apparel market.

The ADAPTIV I.W.S. is the first of its kind and features a precision design with the ability to integrate no-vis pouches that Raso and the Dynamis team are continually developing. The ADAPTIV line will feature a performance stretch, full motion denim that has been designed, developed, and manufactured in the USA. The jeans are integrated with sleek operator designed hidden pockets to spread the EDC load throughout the pant. Exclusive patented ADAPTIV I.W.S. technology gives the end user a comfortable, fully customizable load carry system meant to keep everything you need concealed and accessible on your 1st line. The ADAPTIV Jeans will give operators a great low-vis choice when working in austere environments, while also giving responsibly armed citizens a stylish no-vis option. The ADAPTIV I.W.S. is the new standard and the customizable possibilities are endless. Keep and eye out for upcoming holsters and various technical I.W.S. Pouches.


Research and Development (R&D) is at the core of ALL Dynamis methodologies. It is an essential part of any cutting edge and innovative company that plans on leading their field. Our team has had the privilege of working through some of the most complicated and critical problems for the modern day warrior over the last 20 years. Warfare (covert/overt) and modern threats have evolved drastically throughout that period of time. In order to give each warrior the edge on and off the battlefield it is critical to arm them with the best mindset, tactics, training, equipment, weapon systems, and technology possible. Our experience has and will continue to drive our overall performance of each detail in our products. Our vow to each and everyone of you that support and believe in our mission, is that nothing will be delivered to you that hasn’t been 100% approved and tested by the Dynamis team and other modern day warriors. Keep an eye out at Show Shot for all new Dynamis products and gear updates!

ADAPTIV “changing the way you think by what you wear”.

Dynamis Alliance Announces Acquisition Of Oxcart Apparel

Friday, January 5th, 2018

DYNAMIS ALLIANCE announced today that it has acquired OXCART APPAREL in a strategic move to dominate the low-vis clothing market. “We wholeheartedly believe in what OXCART is doing and instead of competing with each-other we’ve decided to join forces” said Dom Raso Founder/ CEO of DYNAMIS ALLIANCE. OXCART founder, Mark Chin, will now be the head of Business Development while working shoulder to shoulder on design with Raso and the Dynamis team for the ADAPTIV apparel line.

“We’re excited about the strength of our alliance with OXCART in this market. Mark has set a new standard while forging an innovative style and design” added Raso. From Tier 1 military forces to everyday citizens, the need to be prepared and wearing the right gear is critical. Dynamis’ ADAPTIV line was born out of the need to be involved with extreme and low visibility operations, while having the ability to come home and implement the same mindset with the same gear.

ADAPTIV “changing the way you think by what you wear”.

Oxcart Shadow Project

Monday, November 6th, 2017

We’ve featured Oxcart several times. They are an American made clothing manufacturer who have partnered with several companies in the tactical industry. The Shadow Project is their latest effort.

Like the name implies, they are using all black fabrics paired with MultiCam Black NYCO.


They currently have jeans, hats, and a limited edition leather backpack (No MultiCam Black on this).

The backpack is made by a company in San Diego called Abscent, who specializes in odor absorbing bags and materials. It fits a DFNDR plate perfectly.

Ronin “Ninja” Blue Jeans by Oxcart

Friday, November 3rd, 2017

Ronin “Ninja” Blue Jeans

-What’s the real threat while conducting Low-Vis operations? The high chance that we may get TAKEN. Train and prepare for such things.

-Ronin V2DX “Ninja” Jeans designed by those who have been there.

Jeans available at

Ronin Tactics X OXCART – V2X Denim Jeans

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

OXCART, the company behind those awesome low-visibility jeans, has teamed up with Tu Lam of Ronin Tactics to produce the V2X Denim Jeans. This particular variant of the V2 Jeans features a slimmed down leg opening, along with Woodland camo on the inside waistband, in leu of the standard MultiCam. The V2X jeans are currently available on OXCART’s site.

Oxcart Update – Introducing The V2CS

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

We recently wrote about Oxcart’s V2 Jeans. Apparently, they’ve sold well.  So well, that sizes 32 and 34 are currently sold out.

Oxcart just sent us an update that they are introducing a new version of the V2’s that they’re calling V2cs (CS stands for color spectrum). It’s a finished garment that has been given a reactive dye bath which includes a silicone / enzyme treatment to give the pants a softer hand feel. The reactive dye baths also allow them to offer any color. The first color available will be Wolf Grey, but on a different quality stretch denim made by Cone Mills than the V2s. The V2CS are available in sizes 30, 36, 38, and 40.

Additionally, Oxcart gave us a sneak peek of something they’re working on. A SOF customer asked them to make a pair of V2s with a special pocket for a Phokus lowvis blowout kit. They ended up making two; one for him and one for a teammate.

This is a short text note from the tester (in Grey) to Oxcart (in Blue) about his experience.

Oxcart – V2 Jeans

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

V2, or Version 2 is a low-visibility everyday wearing jean designed for concealment and comfort. The jean was developed based on Oxcart’s 10 year experience working with denim in the apparel industry.

Utilizing a fabric from Cone Denim of North Carolina, they cut and sew right in Los Angeles.

The mag pockets were designed in a way to sit more comfortably on the body while allowing persons to be in a seated position with materials in the pocket. The tactical jeans they had seen on the market utilize access through the back yoke but Oxcart wanted to step away from that as to not risk the sewing integrity on the back yoke or seat area. Their thinking was to allow the pocket it’s own structure for functioning.

The front thigh pockets are a cleaner version of a welt but work in the same manner. The depth will conceal a handgun magazine as well as small flashlights, knives and even Snickers bars.

Where the jean shines is in the stretch, mobility and comfort of the fabric characteristics.

The final process in making the jean is a rinse and enzyme treatment. The same type of process premium denim jean makers use for their high end jeans. The rinse will remove fabric shrinkage to size properly while the enzyme helps soften the fabric from it’s “raw” form. Additionally, the waistband is lined with MultiCam NYCO.

The intention of the jeans is everyday wearing while offering LE / Military / Civilian to utilize it’s features for range or field use.

– Made from 11 oz Cone Denim
– 9 Pocket Access with 4 of those designed for Low-Vis concealment
– 2 Hip pockets allowing Mag, Phone, Radio access
– 2 Thigh pockets allowing knife, handgun mag, flashlight access
– Standard Front Pockets feature a deeper pocket bag
– Relaxed Straight Fit – leg opening will cover most boots or Salomon shoes
– Pre-Laundered with an enzyme treatment to remove shrinkage and give a softer hand feel
– YKK Zipper / Washer Rivets

MSRP: $140, pre-orders start today with 2-3 week lead times.

Made in the USA!