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Oxcart – V2 Jeans

V2, or Version 2 is a low-visibility everyday wearing jean designed for concealment and comfort. The jean was developed based on Oxcart’s 10 year experience working with denim in the apparel industry.

Utilizing a fabric from Cone Denim of North Carolina, they cut and sew right in Los Angeles.

The mag pockets were designed in a way to sit more comfortably on the body while allowing persons to be in a seated position with materials in the pocket. The tactical jeans they had seen on the market utilize access through the back yoke but Oxcart wanted to step away from that as to not risk the sewing integrity on the back yoke or seat area. Their thinking was to allow the pocket it’s own structure for functioning.

The front thigh pockets are a cleaner version of a welt but work in the same manner. The depth will conceal a handgun magazine as well as small flashlights, knives and even Snickers bars.

Where the jean shines is in the stretch, mobility and comfort of the fabric characteristics.

The final process in making the jean is a rinse and enzyme treatment. The same type of process premium denim jean makers use for their high end jeans. The rinse will remove fabric shrinkage to size properly while the enzyme helps soften the fabric from it’s “raw” form. Additionally, the waistband is lined with MultiCam NYCO.

The intention of the jeans is everyday wearing while offering LE / Military / Civilian to utilize it’s features for range or field use.

– Made from 11 oz Cone Denim
– 9 Pocket Access with 4 of those designed for Low-Vis concealment
– 2 Hip pockets allowing Mag, Phone, Radio access
– 2 Thigh pockets allowing knife, handgun mag, flashlight access
– Standard Front Pockets feature a deeper pocket bag
– Relaxed Straight Fit – leg opening will cover most boots or Salomon shoes
– Pre-Laundered with an enzyme treatment to remove shrinkage and give a softer hand feel
– YKK Zipper / Washer Rivets

MSRP: $140, pre-orders start today with 2-3 week lead times.

Made in the USA!


37 Responses to “Oxcart – V2 Jeans”

  1. Eddie says:

    Anyone gonna cry about the Multicam on these ones now?

  2. Batman says:

    This comment is meant to help any manufacturer making a low profile jean marketed to the “tactical” market.

    -Useful features, such as extra purpose designed pockets.

    -Multicam trims
    -AR safety selector fly buttons and the like
    -Velcro / morale patch
    -Brand embroidery from known “tactical” garment manufacturer
    -Anything that screams super duper tactical operator

    • OXCART says:


      The black you see is not velcro. It’s a black binding made my Shindo. That area of the front pocket takes a lot of abuse, so the intention is to beef it up so to speak.

      Noted on Multicam and button. The Multicam is not visible when wearing and actually acts as a softer feel on the body as opposed to the denim.

      We’d be happy to send you a pair at a discount to try for yourself. Feel free to contact us.


    • Whiskey Bravo says:

      The brand emproidery and Velcro I agree with but the Mulitcam Trim and AR selector fly buttons are non factors and are just personal preference.

  3. Non-Operator says:

    The most well-worn pair of Defcon Mas Grey Vans out there.

  4. PNWTO says:

    These look legit, definitely getting a pair or two. Not a big fan of the multicam but whatever.

    “Low-Vis Protip” Don’t be fat and wear cargo pants and don’t dress like an ostentatious asshat and you’re generally fine. The most dangerous dude I know wears baja hoodies and surf shorts off duty; too much talk is devoted to wearables.

    • Stephen says:

      I’m not sure if people looked hard enough, but the multicam is on the INSIDE unlike some others that have it slightly shown on the outside, so who cares.

  5. Stephen says:

    How about that badger M134 though!!! ahahahahahah

  6. Brent says:

    “The depth will conceal a handgun magazine as well as small flashlights, knives and even Snickers bars.” Hell yeah Snickers bars.

    • jbgleason says:

      I used to carry a Snickers in a pocket on the front of my PC. Guys snickered (see that?) at me until we got stuck at a target one night and they looked over to see me chowing down on that melted goodness. The idea gained traction after that.

  7. Gerard says:

    The design of these looks great. The market has needed low profile tactical ‘greyman’ jeans like these for years.

  8. Luke says:

    Looks great.

    Front welt pockets are indeed sneaky, even after reading the description I was still like “thats a weird-ass place for a dart…”

    Totally agree on back mag pocket placement, I’m wearing the 5.11 apex pants right now and the yoke-mounted mag pocket is just the place I lose stuff I meant to put in the back pocket, which isn’t often cause I hate sitting on it.

  9. Hobbs says:

    Ok, every time SSD showcases a new pair of “tactical denim” I feel compelled to ask the same question, followed by the same anecdote: What is the cut like on these? I bought a pair of the Triple Aught Design tactical skinny jeans and simply can’t wear them. Huge legs, huge ass, slim waist. First world problems, I know, but with my fairly limited budget, I can’t afford to get burned buying another denim testicle vice.

    • OXCART says:

      Hi Hobbs

      These are by no means skinny jeans. Our background in denim has allowed to know and understand what fits people like and don’t like. In fashion, this fit would not fly. What we’ve done is opened up the leg from the thighs down. Thighs are about 24.5″ on a 34 and the leg opening is around 18.5″. The rise is long front to back so you don’t get any digging in the seat. What we did do however was keep the top block a little bit more fitted on the hips, and little looser in the waist. Completely understand your frustration and thought process. Give us a try and if they don’t work for you, return them no questions asked.


      • Matt says:

        That measurement on your thighs is actually smaller than Triple Aught’s Intercept Jeans (25 on the 32×32) and their Vectors (27 on 32×32). Those of us with more athletic builds will have to look elsewhere (I am 32×32 with 26.5 thigh measurement two inches below the crotch).

        • OXCART says:


          We measure ours a little differently. 1″ down from crotch. Everyone does it their own way. Factoring in what the rise lengths are and how it’s curved on the pattern while the fabric stretch and retention plays dividends as well.

          Drop me an email and I’ll send you some pics.

  10. Mike says:

    Great looking product. Any chance you’ve incorporated a gusset in the crotch/seat to aid in mobility?


  11. AZO1 says:

    The name OXCART wouldn’t happen to be a reference to the Lockheed A-12 would it? Regardless great branding.

  12. Jack Lewis says:

    I just ordered my pair. I do have a reservation about the only inseam being a 34 I’m a 32 but I’ll give it a try. SSD gave the heads up on the pre-orders for S&S 757 Jean and I’ve enjoyed them. I look forward to these as well.

    • James says:

      Find a sew shop man! Don’t ruin a good pair of jeans by walking on them.

      • SSD says:

        The fashion these days seems to be to roll them up

        • DanielB says:

          I roll mine if I have to. 32″ inseam is too short sometimes and 34″ is a bit too long sometimes. I’d rather roll them as they stretch back out after a wash than hem and have the too short feeling in the future.

  13. Mike D says:

    Having tried the TAD and S&S jeans, I’m curious to try these as well. One question that I do have that hasn’t been asked is do these have a singular belt loop at the rear, or are there two back there?

    As far as the Multicam accents go, who else is going to know it’s there other than your wife/GF?

  14. Mr.E.G. says:

    What makes these pants more conducive to concealed carry. I’m not expressing skepticism, just genuine ignorance.

    Also, I wish someone would make jeans that I can grab the leg of and tear open below the knee. I know it sounds odd, but I ankle carry (it’s the only way for me to carry at work on the DL), and I’d love to be able to grab some pants and rip, the grab the gun. With regular jeans, I have to grab pants with both hands, then pull the pants leg up, then grab the gun. I’m pretty quick at it, but some stripper pants would be better. Haha.

  15. Jon Meyer says:

    I want a few pairs. The question is, what size is the rise, seat, thigh, knee, and leg? I lift and train in the gym regularly and some jeans don’t fit; typically wear relaxed straight.