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Oxcart Update – Introducing The V2CS

We recently wrote about Oxcart’s V2 Jeans. Apparently, they’ve sold well.  So well, that sizes 32 and 34 are currently sold out.

Oxcart just sent us an update that they are introducing a new version of the V2’s that they’re calling V2cs (CS stands for color spectrum). It’s a finished garment that has been given a reactive dye bath which includes a silicone / enzyme treatment to give the pants a softer hand feel. The reactive dye baths also allow them to offer any color. The first color available will be Wolf Grey, but on a different quality stretch denim made by Cone Mills than the V2s. The V2CS are available in sizes 30, 36, 38, and 40.

Additionally, Oxcart gave us a sneak peek of something they’re working on. A SOF customer asked them to make a pair of V2s with a special pocket for a Phokus lowvis blowout kit. They ended up making two; one for him and one for a teammate.

This is a short text note from the tester (in Grey) to Oxcart (in Blue) about his experience.



39 Responses to “Oxcart Update – Introducing The V2CS”

  1. Dev says:

    So I guess it’s a good thing actual Made in USA with US materials denim trousers is undergoing a renaissance. In between S&S, TAD, and these (I’m probably missing out on a few others) it’s a good time to be a denim buyer.

  2. PNWTO says:

    Their IG showcased a special pair being made for a member of the Big Navy Team that had a rear pocket custom sized for a Phokus kit, would like to see that in production as well.

  3. DPB says:

    Is that a hyena?

    • thedude says:

      I’d adopt that Malinois in a heartbeat. Have one now and she’s the smartest dog I’ve ever had.

  4. Justme says:

    Just looked up the price, a bit stunned people pay that much for jeans.

    • Dev says:

      Mate, if you think that’s pricey for something made in USA with US materials, check this out:


      The story behind this French brand:


      Not a jeans person myself (I actually don’t own a single pair, prefer khakis pressed by myself) but I can appreciate good denim trousers. Generally quality and provenance doesn’t come cheap.

      • Jon Meyer says:

        Hell, the Japanese make some of the best jeans on the planet (partly from their obsession with them post WWII and the fact they bought almost all of out denim mills) and they run from $200 for the more “affordable” ones to upwards of $700-800 for top tier pairs. Holy hell Batman.

    • OXCART says:

      Shipping is included and we will stand behind our product and it’s capabilities. If you’re interested, please email us for a special offer.


    • Jon Meyer says:

      Spend $30 a pair for five pairs of Levi’s which is $150. One pair of the V2’s is $140 I believe. Those five pairs of Levi’s might last a couple of years with regular daily wear under moderate use. Take one $140 pair of V2’s, or even a $90-120 pair of Bluer Denim and they will last 3x that long. You save over time. That is not even touching the ethical ideologies of keeping all the money within the U.S. economy. Nor is it touching the extremely low quality cotton Levi and other companies use for their denim.

      I used to wear Levi’s until I got sick of ripping out the crotches stepping into my truck, and the crap quality control of buying three or four pairs only to have each one fit different or the outseam/inseam being sewn crooked causing the pant legs to twist around your leg. Endless other discrepancies that can be listed.

      • SSD says:

        One thing about Levi’s, they aren’t made in USA anymore. Another thing about Levi’s, they don’t cost $30 anymore, either.

        • Jon Meyer says:

          I know they are not, haha, that is why I spoke of economy issues. They are $30 on Amazon (most of the time, straight from Levi’s). They used to be something to admire.

      • Jon, OPT says:

        The Levis I own still are US made, has quality dropped that much since they went off shore?

  5. bill says:

    Oxcart’s rifle game in their ads Makes me feel some type of way.

  6. Tom says:

    Can anyone tell me which rifle this is?

  7. Kev says:

    Whats the fit on these? I have major squatters/deadlifters ass and quads and can’t fit most denim these days.

    • OXCART says:

      A relaxed straight fit designed for meateaters like yourself!

    • Jon Meyer says:

      That is my issue as well and I purchased a pair to try. So far they are good to go. Very slightly tight in the seat and upper thigh, but loosens up with wear. Plus having I believe 1% spandex in the denim, it has a slight stretch when mobile. They do need to be hemmed depending on your height.

      • OXCART says:


        Your description is the actual way we designed the fit. We know over time jeans will stretch out and tend to fall off the waist and hips. Our goal is to try and eliminate that issue while still making it comfortable to wear. It’s a give and take when designing, but the end goal is always going to go towards what we feel benefits the end users better.

  8. Major_Northeast_City says:

    All these so called “on a mission” jeans, I look at them on the models and am visually disillusioned.
    I purchased a $135.00 for a TAD Intercept PD Pant a year and a half ago, nice looking but will not purchase another pair.

    • OXCART says:


      Gentleman pictured is a size 36. In regards to fit, we designed them with the mindset that these are not for fashion, but for mobility and function. We’ve done major testing with all walks of life and sizes. When you’re ready to give us a try, email us directly!


  9. Chris L says:

    Why are all tactical denim jeans the straight blue denim color that senior citizens and ppl with no fashion sense wear? The F2 and R2 look great, why doesn’t the V2 have the same good looking denim? Is stonewashed/distressed denim too much to ask for in a tactical denim jean? If low viz is truly the goal then shouldn’t they be fashionable as well? Or is it that the target demographic for these jeans prefer the I bought my jeans from walmart look? I want a fashionable tactical jean… that’s my dream.

    My rant was aimed more at the industry than specifically at Oxford.

    • Chris L says:

      I fear my comment may have come across more harshly than I intended. I really like the V2, a lot of thought and great features went into the design and they’re great. I just dislike the color, that’s it.

      Just wanted to clarify that I was very impressed with the product.

    • Patrick says:

      Eh, while I see what you’re saying, fads come and go. The classic blue jean will always be in style. (According to me, a guy with nearly zero fashion sense.)

      • Chris L says:

        I emailed Oxcart and they said additional denim styles in the works so I’m a happy camper! Definitely going to get a pair to try and if I like them as much as I think I will, I’ll get many more.

        • OXCART says:

          Hi Chris!

          Good call out and I’d be happy to share the thought process behind it. I know we’ve already talked, but this is a good arena to share with everyone.

          We didn’t do “stonewashed” versions only because the cost to do so can drive up the retails substantially. On top of that, most of our end users will wear the jeans so much that it’s just a matter of time that the product they buy now will become that “vintage” looking “stonewashed” jean. It’s just part of the evolution of denim when you wear your jeans constantly.

          With that being said, we had no idea how well the public would respond to our initial launch and product. Once we saw where it was going, we immediately jumped on new development and are using our expertise in the denim industry to bring other options to market soon. There’s just a lot of behind the scenes testing and devo that goes into it and it does take time. Be on the look out in the next few days for our “stonewashed” versions.


    • Jon Meyer says:

      These are not the dad jeans Odumbo wears my friend. These are the classic blue jeans color, and if you fall in line with today’s hipster/sjw or jean snob afictionado, then the color is as you put it, fashionable. Classic blue denim is a timeless classic. It will never go out of style, or “fashion.” Stonewashed jeans are the dad/grandpa jean (the traditional stonewash). They were not cool then and are not now. A mild distressed/hand sanded or whatever the jargon is, is good to go when done modestly. Buy with confidence.

  10. Patrick says:

    Are these on the site yet? I see the V2 but not the V2cs…

    • OXCART says:


      V2CS will be available for pre-order next week. We’re just finalizing our logistic time frame for production.