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Agilite – AMAP 30


The AMAP 30 is a unique 30 liter assault pack for longer missions. It attaches either directly to an Agilite K series plate carrier or to the Agilite K Series shoulder straps to become an independent backpack.


When a pack is connected directly to your plate carrier you don’t need rear padding as the pack sits on your rear plate, rather than your back. For this reason, the AMAP 30 was designed so that when worn over a plate carrier, its rear padding rolls down and stows inside the lower back padding and becomes a lumbar support. This brings your pack closer to your back and creates a lower back support below the plate carrier for a whole new level of modularity and comfort.

The exterior of the pack features an expandable helmet carrier and a rifle attachment system as well as covert lower connecting straps for sleeping bags, outdoor mats and other larger items. The top of the pack has both a lift handle and a drag handle as well as dual exit ports for hydration/comms tubes and a zip pocket.


The inside features a zipped mesh pocket, a long with a pocket which can be used for hydration reservoir, ballisitc plate, or laptop sleeve.

The AMAP 30 is made in Israel and ships worldwide.


5 Responses to “Agilite – AMAP 30”

  1. Mike says:

    Can you take it off quickly and easily by yourself without removing your plate carrier/vest? I can think of plenty of situations where I would want to take my pack off but leave my vest on.

    I had a Camelbak bladder that clipped to the webbing on the back of my vest, but I never wanted or needed to take it off; I could strap into vehicles with it in place. That won’t work for this.

  2. cat_blaster says:

    normally these pack/plate systems can be flipped over the head for quick mount/dismount. so the connection is on the front of the plate carrier.