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Hi-Lux Introduces New Rifle Scope for Precision Long Range Matches

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Hi-Lux Phenom 5X-30X 56 FFP Rifle Scope

Hi-Lux Phenom 5X-30X 56 FFP Rifle Scope


Specifically designed for the long-range precision shooting matches, the High-Lux Phenom 5-30X is a first focal plane scope featuring the illuminated CW-3 reticle. Designed with the feedback and insight of professional competitive shooters and military-trained marksmen, the CW-3 is a mil radian-based reticle that enables quick ranging and holdovers. Available in both red and green illumination, the CW-3 is a first focal plane reticle – accurate at every magnification setting and allows the shooter to visibly trace the bullet’s path down range.


The 56mm objective lens and 34mm tube provides incredible light gathering ability for better sight picture resolution and clarity at dawn or dusk.

The quick locking, tool-less locking turrets prevent accidental windage or elevation adjustment and provide 12 mils of adjustment per turn of elevation. 1 full turn of windage allows moves the point of impact 6 mils right or left.

Hi-Lux Phenom 5X-30X 56 FFP turrets

Precision Rifle Series competitors be advised, the Hi-Lux Phenom 5X-30X 56 FFP can give you the advantage to tear up the PRS circuit.

For additional information on this or any other Hi-Lux Optics product, send us an e-mail at [email protected], call us at 888-445-8912 or visit us at https://hi-luxoptics.com.

Hi-Lux Optics, based in Torrance, California designs and manufactures top-quality, feature-rich, rugged optics at affordable prices. Hi-Lux guarantees the workmanship and materials of their scopes for life because they’re rugged and reliable optics built for the demands of law enforcement, military, hunting and competitive shooting.


12 Responses to “Hi-Lux Introduces New Rifle Scope for Precision Long Range Matches”

  1. Ben Brubake says:

    Looks like a lot of scrope for the money!

    Does anybody have experience with hi-lux’s durability and optical clarity?

    • Mark says:

      I cannot speak first hand of the quality of their scopes, but I do know that they are made in China.

      This has steered me away from trying one.

    • Richard Bassett says:

      For the money, Hi Lux is an excellent optic.
      I’ve had several and have never been dissatisfied with any of them. They are durable, rugged and a perfect match for rough country outdoors.

  2. Ben says:


  3. Airborne_fister says:

    56 mm obj lens and a 34 mm tube? Talk about some seriously high rings that they probably do not make in 34mm.

    • phlegm says:

      56mm objectives and 34mm tubes are incredibly common for precision scopes.

      Accessories are plentiful.

    • BB Owen says:

      34mm rings are very commonplace now. Hop over to Amazon and type in “34mm rings” in the search bar.
      There is a set of Warne steel rings for $62.00+.

  4. Jim Dyer says:

    Love to have one on my 22 250 would be coyote misery

  5. From China, No thanks.

    • Guit says:

      Most affordable scopes are made in China now days; Vortex, Primary, Atibal etc. I’ve heard most of them are even likely made by the same contractor. Some are a lot better than others; thinking Leapers/NCStar vs. Vortex and Primary.

  6. Burdy says:

    Something tells me they will be getting a letter from NF over a Horus infringement.

  7. Les says:

    Saw a F class scope with small turrets and caps? What is that , F class hunting? The scope bodies were awsome but turret clicks were vague and would overshoot. Optics had a very minor apo around edges at full mag. Not bad at all with decent contrast. If they change from silk screened lettering and graphics, to lazer engraving and fix the turret click indents they will have a winner!