Haley Strategic Partners Grand Opening


Over the weekend, I attended the grand opening of Haley Strategic Partners new facility in Scottsdale, Arizona.

I really enjoyed the museum-like atmosphere of the showroom floor, which you can see in the photos above, courtesy of BCM and taken by Jon Chang of Echelon Software.


Speaking of Bravo Company, HSP gave away a Jack Carbine as a doorprize.


In addition to the new SureFire / HSP collaboration flashlight, there’s also a new chest rig on the way.

However, the big news is the implementation of HSP’s D7 training. The proper name is D7 powered by VirTra, a firearm and tactics training technology company also located in Phoenix, with systems emplaced worldwide. The VirTra V-300 and V-ST PRO system are the simulators powering the new D7 training experience.


The VirTra V-300 has multiple screens that offer a 300-degree view, which includes peripheral vision and modified live weapons to enhance the transferability of the training to real-life scenarios. An instructor interacts as the student progresses through the simulation, offering a customized experience based on the actions of the student. For instance, based on how a student uses verbal commands or deescalation techniques, the instructor can tailor the reactions of the simulation. Each simulation is based on a real world case study, offers multiple outcomes, and is portrayed by professional actors.


Any light setting can be recreated and proprietary flashlights, which can be programmed to throw the same amount of illumination as the student’s carry light, work like real flashlights, lighting up the portion of the screens the light is pointed at.


I’ve only ever used single screen shoot/no-shoot simulators in the past. The V-300 gave lots of room to move around and had my palms sweating by the end of the active shooter scenario. If you need something more to get the adrenaline racing, they offer a feedback mechanism that gives the student a jolt of electricity if he is hit by fire from the simulator’s adversaries.


Additionally, VirTra’s V-ST PRO system, is used to improve firearm draw, basic body movements, trigger control, grip and marksmanship. HSP’s system can simulate targets out to 300m, but a planned upgrade will double that distance in the near future. Target types can be changed on the fly, including dueling trees, and the system also offers immediate feedback of where rounds hit on the target, without having to head downrange to paste targets.


Both systems utilize the student’s pistol and carbine, swapping the barrel for a proprietary laser system. Weapon function, including recoil and sound, is created via a CO2-powered magazine. While it isn’t quite the same as the real thing, it offers a reassuring feel. The system not only allows the student to use his actual firearms, it can be programmed to introduce malfunctions requiring immediate action.

Training will be offered in 2 levels: Small Group two-day class or a Private 1-on-1 class, custom-tailored to the student.

In this video, Travis Haley gives an overview of the technology behind this new program.

This video gives a great overview by SPARTAN117GW; touring the showroom and offering a couple of sneak peeks of new products.

The HSP facility is located at:
16655 N. 90th Street,
Scottsdale, Arizona


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  1. Arminius says:

    Interesting micro rigs. I had been mulling something like that in my mind. I wanted to go to the opening, but I had to work. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lcso264 says:

    I had the opportunity to try out the V300 at SHOT. A little jolt of electricity is perhaps an understatement. However, it is an excellent training platform. You are emerald in the scenario, and able to move within it.

  3. ALEX says:


  4. alex says:

    When the micro rig is in stock?