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Colt M203 37mm Grenade Launchers


For the first time ever, Colt is releasing genuine M203 grenade launchers to the civilian market exclusively through, Colt’s largest law enforcement distributor. You can now outfit your M16 or M4 rifle with the same grenade launcher that is carried by US and foreign military forces around the globe; WITHOUT the hassle of NFA paperwork. Everything about the Colt M203’s being offered is correct for the weapon system, they are built on the same line as the military M203s and are marked “LAUNCHER, GRENADE M203 40MM”, the important difference is they have never had 40mm barrels installed and left the Colt factory as Title 1 firearms. Instead of traditional 40mm barrel they come with 37mm barrels installed avoiding the NFA registry all together. As is the case with every firearm that leaves the Colt factory the 37mm M203s are serialized and must transfer through an FFL as a “firearm.” The same way a Mossberg “Shockwave,” for example, is classified.

Only 300 total, 150 of each barrel length are being made available and they will go live on November 15th 2017. This is a one time offering from Arms Unlimited & Colt, once they are sold out they will be gone for good!

9 inch model

12 inch model


25 Responses to “Colt M203 37mm Grenade Launchers”

  1. Bret says:

    Just letting you know that some of your information is not true. We have been buying them for years.

    • SSD says:

      Thanks Bret!

    • mike says:

      Forgive my ignorance, but it appears to me the info is still true. You linked 40mm launchers that are destructive devices and under NFA purview.

      The linked item is a 37mm less-leathal launcher that is a “firearm” and not restricted by NFA shackles.

      It’s all out of my price range, thus interest, but it’s cool that an option less encumbered by red tape is available. Even if only in a limited run.

      • Daniel says:

        Mike is correct, Clyde is offering 40mm destructive devices that require a Form4, 200 tax stamp and a 10 month wait.

  2. BAP45 says:

    As cool as this is I wish Colt would stop with the limited runs of things. Or at the very least to a larger limited run. But still very cool.

  3. A Guest says:

    Wow, it’s only the same price as an actual M203 from LMT minus the tax stamp.

  4. Adun says:

    Anyone else think there could be problems with them being stamped “40mm”?

    • matt says:

      lmt m203 receivers are also stamped “40mm,” and sold as title 1 firearms without issue. some dealers will not sell an individual a 40mm barrel unless they can furnish an atf-approved form 1 for the receiver re-registered as a destructive device.

    • Joe_momma says:

      About as much problem as a receiver only that says 40mm grenade launcher on it. I had one sent to a local FFL who flipped their wig and refused to transfer it to me because of such. LMT said it was ok, Clyde Armory said it was ok, and to make it all better, local ATF said it was ok, but wait, NFA branch said it was Ok too! They still refused ….

  5. benb says:

    Will these accept a 40mm barrel if I wanted to change it to a DD later on?

  6. Strike-Hold says:

    Guaranteed to send Moms Demand A Valium into apoplexy…

  7. JB says:

    Is there HE or any “cool” rounds for it?

    • Mike says:

      Your local Walmart doesn’t sell 37mm HE rounds? I thought they all sold them. I get them by the case at mine. (I figured a stupid question deserved an even worse answer.)

    • benb says:

      Even if you paid for the $200 stamp for each HE round (each one is an NFA item). I think they are all 40mm. The 37mm is not a DD because nobody makes HE rounds for them. The ATF considers them a flare launcher.

  8. JD says:

    So let me get this striaght; I can buy a new real deal LMT 40mm for $1700 +$200 Stamp, or buy this poser 37mm that says Colt on it for $2000.

    • benb says:

      My problem is all my local FFLs suck and won’t transfer a DD:( At least with this I could buy it as a non NFA item and then just do a form 1 for it.

      • BOHICA says:

        LMT sells Title 1 Recievers that transfer just liek an AR-15 reciever, I got one from Tombstone Tactical for about 1k and plan to form 1 it

  9. Easy E says:

    Pricey, but since it’s sold out is must have been priced right based upon whatever quantity they had. While I think it’d be fun for the sake of nostalgia, it’s a bit far out of my price range. Too each their own.

  10. Dellis says:

    $2000? I don’t get this. Wouldn’t that $2k be best used or spent on ammo and training? Or maybe macaroni noodle mouse pads?

    • Mike says:

      You’re absolutely right. Who are these people to spend their own money on products that they want.

      Seriously, who are you to decide what a person should spend their own money on?

      • Dellis says:

        It’s called an “opinion”.

        Perhaps you can point out where I stated people should not be allowed to spend their own money on what they want?

        • Mike says:

          You are the one suggesting they spend their money on something else other than what they want, not me. If they want a 37mm 203 instead of training, ammo, and “macaroni noodle mouse pads”, then so be it. What someone does with their own money is none of your business, so perhaps you should keep your “opinion” of what others do with their own lives to yourself.

          • Jester says:

            So Mike let me get this straight–you are telling him to keep his opinion to himself because he has no right to tell other people what to do…..that makes all kinds of sense.

  11. B.Young says:

    going back a few years the 37mm ammo was quite varied and about a quarter or less the price of any 40mm, also didn’t they change each inert 40mm training ammo into a DD or something crazy??