Quantico Tactical Thursday – Lighter, Smaller, and More Capability

SOI C4ISR Platforms


Spec Ops, Inc. has been providing Tactical C2 hardware to military and first responders around the world for over 14 years. Known as SOI C4ISR Platforms, the company has a reputation for its TOC-in-a-Box solutions. These solutions consist of everything the end user needs for a current tactical picture. The original TOC-in-a-Box product developed by SOI engineers was the Rapid Tactical Operations Center or RTOC. The first RTOCs, shown above, were a projection based system with one, two, or three 60” diagonal images, XGA projectors and can be operational in under 15 minutes. The invention of the RTOC allowed units to be able to display maps, logistical plans, current battlefield situations, and feeds from either a team member’s computer or outside source. By displaying this information in the TOC, this facilitated better shift transitions and immediate situational awareness to the tactical commander. In addition, all SOI cases are built to withstand military transit and weatherproofed meeting the IP65 rating, making movements quicker and easier.


SOI’s latest RTOC offerings integrate high resolution, high lumen projectors and include systems with large UHD LED displays. The LED displays can also be mutli-touch for comprehensive operational discussions and briefings. The projection based RTOCs have been miniaturized, saving weight and providing a significantly reduced footprint. The Nano RTOC (nRTOC) and the Mini RTOC (mRTOC), are smaller when stowed and 85lbs lighter. These systems are both front and rear projection capable, utilize a 4,500 lumen WUXGA projector, and can facilitate the pen like product (e-beam) which provides interactive capability. The nRTOC has a single projector and can be ordered with a screen size up to 100” diagonal. The mRTOC is a dual projection system and supports a pair of 60” or 75” diagonals. Both systems can be setup with one person in under 10 minutes.


For a quote or more information about Quantico Tactical or SOI’s line-up of C4ISR Platforms, please e-mail [email protected] , call 910.944.5800 or visit

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2 Responses to “Quantico Tactical Thursday – Lighter, Smaller, and More Capability”

  1. Mehmaster says:

    Definitely going the way of the dinosaur. We should be looking at Microsoft hololense or some other augmented reality solution. Good luck hiding a tac or toc from a near peeer enemy. Sigint, EW, and drones should make us rethink alot of the luxurious things we got used to fighting in centcoms aor.

  2. AbnMedOps says:

    Can we do something about the 24/7 deafening roar of generators just outside the TOC’s canvas walls? It would be really cool if the worker-bees in the back row could actually hear the shift-change brief and the commander’s guidance.