Quantico Tactical Thursday – New Discount Program from SureFire

The SureFire Qualified Professional Program Only at Quantico Tactical


Quantico Tactical is proud to announce their participation in SureFire’s new Qualified Professional Program (QPP). The creation of the Qualified Professional Program started with the initiative to better serve the military, law enforcement, and first responders on the individual level; providing special program pricing on a vast array of SureFire products.

Eligible customers will be able to purchase weapon lights, handheld lights, compensators, muzzle brakes, suppressors and more at significant discounts. It is our mutual goal to ensure that those who need it most have the very best equipment to do the job.

Eligible customers are:
• Military: Active, Reserve, NG, Retired, Medically Retired, and Service-connected Disabled Veterans
• Law Enforcement: Federal, State, and Local Active or Retired Sworn Officers
• Corrections Officers including Parole and Probation Officers
• First Responders with current credentials or official documentation
• Licensed Federal, State, City and Private Security Officers
• Commercial Pilots and Federal Flight Deck Officers
• Court Judges
• District and Deputy District Attorneys

To view our Surefire Qualified Professional Program assortment, please visit


10 Responses to “Quantico Tactical Thursday – New Discount Program from SureFire”

  1. Patrick says:

    Doesn’t Surefire already have a Pro Program? How does this stack up against Surefires?

  2. SureFire offers a 20% discount off MSRP to qualified law enforcement and military professionals. This is a greater discount than that program. We’re are currently the only SureFire dealer authorized to offer this program. The intent of this program is to provide significant discounts to our military, LEO, first responders and the many others who serve their community, state, and nation on the individual level.

  3. TapRackBang says:

    I wouldn’t get too excited. I’ve inquired three times at QT for LE/MIL prices on firearms. Each time I had better prices in hand from regular online sites. Plus, QT quoted a shipping charge ($25 if I remember correctly). With many online dealers offering free shipping, there is just no deal there.

    • Rick says:

      Have you looked at the prices? I have been unable to find anything that comes close.

    • Well, there will always be that one….. guy/gal.

      Our shipping is $10 Flat Rate on non-firearm related items. Please see the link and educate yourself.

      • TapRackBang says:

        No need to get pissy QT. This was MY experience with your store. I don’t sit around making crap up. The prices/shipping quoted to me on firearms just didn’t beat other retailers. This is aside from your new SureFire offer which I haven’t looked into yet.

        • Denny says:

          Maybe you should look first…

        • AlexC says:

          “With many online dealers offering free shipping, there is just no deal there.”

          “This is aside from your new SureFire offer which I haven’t looked into yet.”

          “I don’t sit around making crap up.”

          I would say that your last statement is invalidated by your first two statements. Which gives you zero credibility in my experience. No useful contribution to the blog post, just low quality opinions.

          In order to not be a hypocrite, I gathered a little data myself on the pricing:

          Surefire 6PX Tactical the most sold, quintessential ‘tactical’ flashlight.

          Price + Shipping = Total
          Amazon: $88.98 + Free = $88.98
          Opticsplanet: $83.99 + Free = $83.99
          MidwayUSA: $75.60 + $4.99 = $80.59
          Walmart: $85.50 + Free = $85.50

          Quantico Tactical: $66.50 + $10.00 = $76.50

          So, even with the $10.00 shipping charge, it is still the cheapest. Note that this is an illustrative example only, and other items when compared may be cheaper from other retailers. Taxes where not included in this comparison.

          Hope everyone who read this post got some value from it.

    • SSD says:

      It’s posts like this that I really dread. They are absolute drive-by BS, but if I don’t approve them, the guy is going to run around and say that I’m protecting advertisers.

      I appreciate that the readership has called him out.

  4. Willis Bee says:

    SSD, I agree…. as I am always weary of the brand that has to advertise their low, low specials multiple times and clarify it again, and again…and have their surrogates clarify again, and again. Who doesn’t want a $100 flashlight when there are better ones for less out there…? Silly me.