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215 Gear Opens Pre-Orders For 2 New Products

215 Gear has added two new belt systems, available now for pre-order; the Uber Rigger’s Belt and the Uber Shooter’s Belt. Both are a combination of features from competition shooting and tried and tested features already built into their Ultimate Riggers Belts. 215 Gear feels these are by far, the most feature packed belts on the market.

Uber Riggers Belt

Designed to be worn alone or as part if a system with their inner Uber Liner Belt, the Uber Riggers Belt incorporates an internal plastic stiffener and PALS channels to the outside. The Austrialpin Cobra Buckle has a custom wide mouth version of the friction adapter, allowing for easier removal from the belt, eliminating the fight of most other belts, and reducing the peeling off of the sewn in Velcro. Additionally, rather than the parachute v-ring, 215 Gear uses a sewn-in attachment point.

Uber Shooters Belt

215 Gear’s Uber Shooters Belt combines the best characteristics of sport shooting with the functionality of MOLLE. It is similar in construction to the Uber Riggers Belt except that it doesn’t feature the sewn-in attachment point.

Both belts are available in MultiCam, Khaki and Black and in sizes to accommodate waists 25″ to 45″. The pre-order is open now and will close 11DEC17, with the pre-orders shipping 12DEC17, just in time for Christmas.


3 Responses to “215 Gear Opens Pre-Orders For 2 New Products”

  1. Quite genuinely serious question here – if you don’t have a gap between your webbing rows, how can thread a pouch on here? It seems to me like you can either just go through 1 row (pretty pointless) or straight down through both (in which case just go around the entire belt). The 2″ belts with 0.5″ webbing top and bottom work well, but I’m struggling to get my head around this.

    • 215 Gear says:

      This was a good question. We took two pictures to show the attachment of a pouch, hopefully SS can add to the post, after the fact. Because the spacing is not on MOLLE standard, you get a slight pucker at the spot on your pouch. This has not been a concern and does not effect the performance of the pouch. The channels are enough to locate most ammunition and subload pouches, on an extremely stiff belt. This system is for the person who needs to locate items on a belt, without the heat retention you get from running a full “warbelt”. I hope this explanation helps.