FirstSpear Friday Focus – NSNS Gas Mask Pouch


From the Non-Standard Non-Stocking section of comes a limited run item built for FS professional users. Originally designed to hold an Avon Gas Mask with the modular capability to mount direct to a belt or ran as a thigh rig set-up this gas mask pouch is light-weight and extremely comfortable. Use it as a dump pouch for the range or as larger storage pocket off your belt.


Available in limited quantities of Black only, no back orders will be filled. Made in the USA.


4 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – NSNS Gas Mask Pouch”

  1. patrulje68 says:

    Not that I have much use for a protective mask case these days, but I would pass on this one regardless. Single leg strap means it will flop around and that type of buckle squeaks (in my experience).

  2. cat blaster says:

    nylon 6.6 buckle like that don’t squeak. they use it on golf bags-no squeak for bubba.

    • patrulje68 says:

      Looks like the one I have, that is admittedly close to 10 years old and still squeaks. If this one is a newer design or different material and doesn’t make noise, good for them.

      • straps says:

        BlackChicken? They use entirely different materials–carefully selected for profitability–on their knockoffs.

        I have a Downrangegear hanger (2x back-to-back) that never squeaked.