CZ-USA Offers Sneak Peek At S2 Ti Reflex Suppressor

With increasing use of Scorpions by Law Enforcement, CZ-USA is introducing suppressed variants.


Teaming up with the airflow specialists at Aerocharger, they developed their own suppressor which offers the performance of larger, bulkier cans but in a much lighter, shorter package.

A fully-welded titanium can, the S2 Ti Reflex is designed to fit under an HB Industries handguard, allowing it to have a 2” reflex blast chamber and giving it the volume of much larger cans while only protruding from the muzzle 5.83 inches. Weighing in at just 9.6 ounces, it spits out 147 grain defensive loads at well under 130 dB.


5 Responses to “CZ-USA Offers Sneak Peek At S2 Ti Reflex Suppressor”

  1. benb says:

    Any word if they will be selling the barrel/suppressor as a replacement for a normal Scorpion?

    • Adrian says:

      You should ask them on social media man. They are pretty responsive. I would also hit up Cajun Gunworks. If any company would, CZ would.

    • dan187 says:

      HB Industries offers the short barrel and they have cut specs for those that want to shorten the factory barrel.

  2. Dave R says:

    Will it be available to the gen public as a NFA item or just LE/Military ?

    • DangerMouse says:

      CZ is pretty civilian friendly. If anybody would do it, they would.

      I don’t know anything about silencer importation laws though. LE are immune to such nonsense.