PROOF Research Launches Switch – The Ultimate Do-It-All Rifle

One rifle, multiple calibers, swappable with simple hand tools. That sums up the new Switch from PROOF Research.


“This truly is a one-rifle-does-it-all package,” said Proof Research Marketing Manager Chris Polley. “From big-game hunting to varmints to long-range competitive shooting, the Switch can be owner-reconfigured for virtually any situation or preference. Utilizing aerospace composites in the stock and barrel, this rifle was designed from the action out to have the stiffness and ergonomics required for long-range precision in a package light enough for all-day carry.”

“This gives the serious hunter one rifle to hunt everything in North America short of Brown Bear,” Polley explained. “Going deep into the backcountry for elk, or to high altitude for trophy sheep? Install your lightweight, tack driving, carbon fiber-wrapped barrel. Planning to slay prairie dogs from the back of your pickup? Swap in your small-caliber steel barrel and get to work. Adaptability isn’t the only benefit though-as pros will tell you, becoming intimately familiar with one system pays off when that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity requires a high-pressure, time-constrained shot in fading light: To paraphrase past gunslingers, “Beware the man with one rifle, he probably knows how to shoot it.”

-Offered with PROOF Research carbon fiber barrel in 223 REM, 6 CM, 6.5 CM, 260 REM or 308 WIN
-Additional barrels available in Carbon Fiber or Steel
-Pillar bedded, precision-ground, controlled feed action with mechanical ejector
-Savage®-style threading and barrel nut for fast and simple barrel swaps
-Interchangeable floating bolt-head for consistent lug lockup, accuracy, and multi-caliber versatility (available in .390 and .480 size bolt faces)
-Threaded muzzle for suppressor or brake
-Compatible with AICS pattern mags
-20 MOA Picatinny Rail
-Carbon fiber stock with vertical grip
-1/2 MOA guarantee
-$3999 Base Price


15 Responses to “PROOF Research Launches Switch – The Ultimate Do-It-All Rifle”

  1. Vic Toree says:

    Does this check the boxes for the SOCOM multi-caliber requirement?


  2. Mike says:

    Wow, glad I picked up the Big Horn Arms TL3 action already. Hopefully PROOF will release the barrels separately some point soon. I need to trim some weight.

  3. Allen Dzeskewicz says:

    Is these calibers all that’s offered or are the others? Something besides the 223, like maybe the 280 Ackley.

  4. Allen Dzeskewicz says:

    Do you offer another caliber besides the 223?

  5. redbeard says:

    Looks nice for, err… $4k. The offered calibers are not well suited for western big game hunting. 7mm, 300WM, 28 or 30 Nosler, etc would indicate they were more serious about that.

    Perhaps their aiming for varmint hunters that also want to compete occasionally?

    • Joe says:

      You realise western big game can be taken with all these calibers. A 6.5 Grendel is a highly successful and becoming a go-to caliber of choice for big elk. I mention grendel because it’s a lesser powered round than these mentioned options. Modern engineering and science has made very accurate and lethal ammunition.

      • redbeard says:

        Oh, good gawd, you just can’t resist can you? I said well-suited, not possible to kill western big game.

        6.5 Grendel is becoming a caliber of choice mainly for nerdy sniper wannabe’s trying to recreate their wasted youth on weekends. Though I like the caliber.

        • Lone Element says:

          Mr. Red Beard I think all the rounds you referenced are great, however you need to get out of your narrow purview on ammunition..I think “well suited” is a very subjective statement. I think a particular caliber if it meets legal requirements by the game and fish and will put an animal down with good shot placement then its indeed well suited. You don’t need magnum rounds to kill big game. I killed two deer an antelope and an Elk all in one season with a 300 BLK with 125 Grain Remington OTM, and some Barnes 110 Grain Tac-TX. .308 Has been my go to since I was a kid, and a my friend knocks down elk every season with a 6.5 CM shooting 140 Grain. If you like humping around a heavy ass magnum rifle good on you, but these other calibers kill just fine.

  6. I love it and think they did a great job!