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TD Kicks Off Battle Briefs Subscriptions Service


For as Low as $12.00 a month you will receive a new fresh pair of the best underwear you have ever worn. Each month TD will ship you a new design that speaks to our “Tactical” Lifestyle. We have tons of designs in the hopper and some great collaborations with the brands you know on the way. ***Shipping is included in the price.*** You will be billed once a month when the order is shipped.

– 6 Month Subscription $14 a month
– 12 Month Subscription $12 a month

Made from the same 4-way stretch breathable moisture wicking material as the TD Shooter Shirt. Keeps you dry while battling the gym or day to day missions. 6″ inseam.

***Shipping Is Included in the Subscription Price***
4 Way Stretch
Seamless Flat Lock Stitch
No Ride Design
“Flip Top” Fly Opening
Quick Dry Fabric
Made For Warriors



2 Responses to “TD Kicks Off Battle Briefs Subscriptions Service”

  1. cat blaster says:

    “Flip Top” Fly Opening looks terrible.

    I must be missing something.

    This is like reinventing the wheel but square.