SPARTANAT – Do It With Style: MultiCam Bow Tie

Tardigrade Fliege 1

Danish, you have to melt on your tongue: Taktisk Butterfly og Lommetørklæde fra Tardigrade Tactical. This means “Tactical black bow tie and matching handkerchief from Tardigrade Tactical”. Great idea, so you can also send a small tactical signal during the opera visit in a tuxedo. Or in civilian professional life. Ideally you have to wear it in front of the Christmas tree. Extremely tacticool! HERE are black bow tie and handkerchief to have:

INF WEAR im Internet:


2 Responses to “SPARTANAT – Do It With Style: MultiCam Bow Tie”

  1. Stefan S. says:

    Lame but original

    • Mark W. says:

      Not really original. I’ve seen about a half dozen companies offer multicam bowties. And no “cool” pattern will ever make a pre-tied bowtie anything less than window-licking retarded.