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In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti… Christmas will come. We can not bring you a Holy Spirit, but Spiritus Systems we have in stock. We just introduced their Micro Chest Rig with a SPARTANAT Review ( a few days ago. Now we want to know from those US minimalists what drives them.

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SPARTANAT: There are many shops with many products. Spiritus Systems seems to be the one with one product: the Micro Fight Chassis and its parts. How does it come?

Our Company has always looked for areas in the market that were lacking innovation and substance that we could contribute to. We aren’t in the business of “me too” products, and the last thing the gear world needs is another MOLLE 5.56 mag pouch. The Micro Fight Chest Rig was the first product to bring a high degree of modularity into such a small platform, and we wanted to focus our energy into fully supporting that product and delivering as much user configurability as possible. What people don’t seen is the massive amount of research and new products development we do. Everything we release has been put through its paces, and we won’t ship it unless it’s a piece of equipment we would trust out lives to. We stay busy working closely with several agencies and units, finding innovative ways to solve problems they face. We work with companies who are writing the future of battlefield technology and communications, allowing us to incorporate design elements and features for the battlefield of the future. Throughout 2018, you will see several new products release to the public. The most exciting of these are our Plate Carriers, which you should see more of at SHOT Show 2018.

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SPARTANAT: Micro seams to be a trend now, from VOCR by Extreme Gear Labs going to D3CR from HSP and Trianing Mini Rig by Helikon-Tex now. What makes your Chest rig system so special?

I’m glad to see so many companies coming around to offer a solution to a problem that has existed for years. When we designed the first Micro Fight Chest Rig back in 2015, we did so out of a frustration that everything on the market was bulky and defined. The part of our System that people respond to the most is the high level of modularity. We don’t tell you how to set up your equipment. We don’t make you buy several chest rigs for different platforms. We don’t restrict your workflow to make sure the kit is ambidextrous. There is no one in the world that know more about your needs than you do, so all we do is provide you the tools to properly achieve the best solution for your situation. What’s great about it is that as your situation changes, you just adjust your rig, and move out. It all comes back to a core Infantry motto: Brilliance in the Basics.

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SPARTANAT: Where do you come from (military)? Where origins the idea for your Micro Fight System? Was the success of your Micro Fight a surprise for you?

My partner and I were both Infantrymen in the US Army. I guess it’s the classic story of living through too many failures in equipment and wanting to do something about it. The Micro Fight was really a response to a need my partner had while working with the State Department after his time on Active Duty. He needed a rig that was small enough to fit under the seat of a truck, yet carried enough mags and equipment to get through if things became kinetic. Once we saw the first Chassis take shape, we knew that we had something that almost everyone that carries a long gun could use. Whether it’s a cop on an active shooter response team, worn as a placard on a solder’s plate carrier, or for the responsible armed citizen needing something for the range, our kit is flexible and dynamic enough to give them exactly what they’re needing.

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SPARTANAT: What’s next? I have seen the Bank Robber Chest Rig, maybe a PC? Will you go on on with minimalistic style?

The Bank Robber has been a hit and you should see it populating in many of our resellers’ offerings after the first of the year. As I mentioned earlier, our Plate Carrier line will be launching very soon. We have developed 3 Carriers (NV-119, LV-119, and MT-119) that meet a variety of needs, but you’re going to have to stay tuned to learn more about it. All I can tell you is that the MT-119 will do for Plate Carriers what the Micro Fight has done for chest rigs.

The best way to stay up on what’s going on at Spiritus Headquarters is to follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and be on the lookout for the new hotness dropping early 2018.

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SPIRITUS SYSTEMS consists of Zane Vogel and Adam Holroyd. Both of them together have launched the company. The jaunty guy who likes to show himself in the pictures is Adam.

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21 Responses to “SPARTANAT – GEAR Made in USA: Spiritus Systems”

  1. TheFull9 says:

    The PC will integrate the chest rigs of course, that we guess. I’ll be interested to see what other features are coming.

    HSP is doing 3 mag rigs next year and they’ve been working on a PC for a long time as well. Maybe the placard front will finally become truly ubiquitous in 2018.

    • Jon, OPT says:

      Their PCs do integrate, all their gear is a system that has compatibility with many other systems.

      We have been pushing placards since day 1, they are already an industry standard, what they lack is industry standardization, which as of right now is “if it doesn’t work it fails”.

      • TheFull9 says:

        Oh I know Jon, you’re always at the forefront, placards included. I’ve frequented the QASM compatible part of your site many a time. I was having PALS fields of loop and PALS mounted buckles custom made years ago so I’m with you 100%; not that I was the first to do it but it was clearly the way forward from, as you say, day 1. Definitely wish the sizing was more standardised and we didn’t have different systems like the AVS, PIG Systema and Ferro, but if I were to bet I’d bet on the Mayflower way (think they really kicked everything off?).

        You followed me on IG btw, last week I think, though I was still REMF Tac at the time. Made some changes. Always look forwards to your posts, do a great job of highlighting quality kit while doing your business and that’s not too common.

  2. Mike says:

    Why does the model keep looking over his right shoulder?

  3. Jon, OPT says:

    Love these guys and the simplicity of their gear. This article lacks any mention of their greatest product, the hotdog patch, a marvel of modern engineering.

  4. Mike says:

    Why does he keep looking over his right shoulder?

  5. PLiner says:

    I was thinking the same thing. My guess is so he won’t take a direct Tactical Bukakke face shot from all the overly excited Range Ninjas out there. 🙂

  6. lcpl1066 says:

    I will be impressed when I see a chest rig that can comfortably and ergonomically hold six mags, two frags, a smoke, an ifak, two quarts water, and a radio. Boy that is a lot of stuff. It is also the minimal load for most infantrymen. I like their stuff and own some of it, but it isn’t what I’d turn to to go on patrol.

    • Eddie H says:

      You can get all that in an LBT 1961 series chest rig. Even get 8 mags in there.

      • Eddie H says:

        To be fair, in my Micro Fight, I can get 6 mags in the front two pockets, a Radio in one wing, a Med kit in the other wing (in a Med pullout sleeve form ATS), and some grenades in the SACK. So I can carry that gear, but it won’t be very comfortable.

        If I need to carry all that fighting kit, I’m not wearing a chest rig, I’m in my AVS

        If I need to move fast and light, climb a hill then smash up a compound and be back before the sun comes up, then this is the gear I’m looking at. Or if I’m running vehicle ops. Or if I’m doing lo vis stuff. Or just hitting the range on the FOB but I need a Radio etc as well

        Micro chest rigs are niche kit. I’ve tried the majority of them out there and the Spiritus stuff is by far the best

        This is niche gear

        • Madman says:

          Micro rigs are not made for “everything and the sink” there made for “just enough”

          your better off loading all that in a plate carrier or different type of chest rig.

    • Lose_Game says:

      Concurred, there isn’t really a great TAP-esque option out there for a standard combat load. 3×2 mag pouch front and center+smoke to the right+radio to the right of that+two frags to the left, vertically+ifak behind that=15 rows of webbing. 2l carried on back. Swift clip compatible. The velcro field on the back means that spiritus wings could be added to the sides for radio, or the smoke could be carried in an elastic carrier at the bottom. That would free up space on the front. The way I see it a slick 14-row swift-clip compatible chest rig would be the best option. It doesn’t exist right now…maybe we’ll see one at SHOT 2018.

      The micro fight seems to me like a good way to have full plate carrier functionality that can still be converted to chest rig use. No other placard does that as well. The ideal for me would be an Esstac placard+BFG 10-speed with loops on the sides to attach Spiritus hardware.

      • Jon, OPT says:

        14 rows? It’s existed for just shy of a decade.

        • tcba_joe says:

          You can’t expect people to do product research before complaining about market options, can you?

          • Lose_Game says:

            Old post, I know, but I did do market research. I’m aware of the Mayflower option. It’s pretty close, but the usable portion is 12×3. It has two more columns on either side, but they’re clipped to two rows high, making them useful only for grenades and pistol mags (at least if you want your pouch to be fully secured). Therefore, it wouldn’t work for the load outlined above. The new laser cut one looks pretty good for the purpose, if lacking velcro on the back and risking comfort issues with MALICE clips.

            No disrespect intended; I love OPTactical. Just my .02 cents.


      • Agent_Orange says:

        The Tactical Tailor MAV has 18 rows of MOLLE on it for either the one-piece or two-piece unit. It’s been on the market for well over a decade.

  7. benb says:

    What gas mask is that? It looks like it works well with a helmet.