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James Yeager Announces New YouTube Channel

Last month, James Yeager was kicked off of Youtube. But he accepts that he needs Youtube, stating that it’s the second most powerful search engine on earth after Google.? While he pursues alternatives, he’s set up shop at a new Youtube address.

He claims that in its previous incarnation, you only got him at 75%, which was still more than they could handle. While he will still offer product reviews and tactical tips, he plans to throttle it back to 25% this time.

The plan is to reach the masses via Youtube and say what he really wants to at libertv.com. Eventually, he hopes that his libertv project will include others.


30 Responses to “James Yeager Announces New YouTube Channel”

  1. jjj0309 says:


  2. PNWTO says:

    Good folks come and go but this jackass digs in and doubles down…

    • Brando says:

      Clearly it’s time for him to run for office.

      • Gerard says:

        Id vote for Yeager to run for any office over most of the idiots we have in office now. Mitt Romney will be replacing Orin Hatch and Romney is anti gun.

  3. Eric says:

    Is he clean now?

    • JoeGoins says:

      That’s like asking if Magic Johnson doesn’t have HIV anymore.
      No one wants to find out first hand.

  4. Mike says:

    So he returned to YouTube AND got the money from his Kickstarter.

  5. IckyWoods says:

    At least 25% of the fountain of knowledge will be shared. Drink up before it’s down to 10%. ISIS will win at this rate.

  6. FU says:

    Got to hand it to the man-
    He won’t quit

  7. Gerard says:

    I know yeager courts enemies, and is a lightening rod for haters. However, Ive watched huge numbers of his videos and have learned alot from him. Any instructor I can learn from I continue to follow

    • miclo18d says:

      Any hair cut will do. Any tattoo will do. Any tequila will do.

      Any instructor? How about one that’s a pedophile? Drug addict? One that claims things that were not true?

      Any? You just set a pretty low bar.

      Enemies? He’s his own worst.

    • JM Gavin says:

      Haters? Unless you are a high schooler, avoid words like “haters.”

      Mr. Yeager is not a “lightning rod for haters.” Mr. Yeager has done and said things that attract negative attention. Mr. Yeager has gone out of his way to push his particular “style” to the corners of the interwebs. A lot of people with far more experience and much better judgment than Mr. Yeager take exception to his whole act.



  8. some_guy says:

    Is YouTube drama really worthy of a post here? I come here for quality information about gear, training and events. I know James Yeager does fall into those categories, but his actions in the past should make any reasonable person look past him and seek information or training elsewhere.

    • SSD says:

      This is absolutely important, but only if you comprehend the importance of social media access to industry.

  9. CWG says:

    Flat brimmers and anti-gunners round the world rejoice.

  10. cynical says:

    It’s embarrassing to see the endless ass obliteration this dude generates from our little “community”.

    SSD posts an update on someone’s attempt to leave the clutches of Google and seventeen to twenty comments later…

  11. Joe says:

    Is Yeager a Child Molester? I hadn’t heard that one before.

  12. JoeGoins says:

    His LiberTV idea is a sham. I’ve said before that he’d do anything to benefit himself. In an Instagram post last week, he said that he is going to spend a good portion of the donations on buying new camera equipment to replace the stuff he bought for the Ammo Nation kickstarter as opposed to building the platform so everyone can post videos there.

    Twenty bucks says that he is just going to join Full30 when they allow everyone to create videos sometime this year.

  13. t1tan says:

    I want to vomit every time I see this idiots face, it’s been nice having it pop up less on youtube, guess good things can’t last forever.

  14. William says:

    What about full30, I thought that’s where everyone was going?!!! 😉

    • Stan says:

      Full30 channels get a very very small amount of few “views” compared to YouTube channels. Even if it’s videos from the same content provider. If advertisement revenue is based on total number of “views” then that’s a motivating factor. Whether one loves James Yeager or hates James Yeager, is irrelevant. The real problem is a far left anti-gun company owns YouTube and they’re doing all the can to push channels of that nature off their platform. Yeager’s two channels were just low hanging fruit. I can’t see his new channel past the year even if he tones it down. And once they’re done with the fringe guys/gals, they’ll go after bigger more main stream names. I watched a firearms history video today where Larry Vickers was showing off a Rhodesian Army FAL from his collection. Mr. Vickers didn’t toe the modern thought police doctrine that the South Rhodesians were pure evil, just one step away from Nazis. He framed the Rhodesian Bush conflict as a classic east vs. west Cold War era proxy war. That’s now a radical idea, bordering on openly advocating white supremacy and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if that gets him a YouTube strike sometime later the year. YouTubes goal seems to be to waterdown their product until it’s the web version of the CW.

  15. Juan Bravo says:

    And of course…..the libertv.com link is BLOCKED by GOVT ‘NIPR’ police down range here…

  16. PTMcCain says:

    Having a person like Yeager on YouTube is not good news for the firearm industry or the gun community. He is a blight on both. I hope he is banned quickly, again, from YouTube.

  17. Danke says:

    I’m gonna make my own video site with black jack and hookers!

    In fact forget the video site.

  18. Wayne Coker says:

    Each to his own I guess.