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Blade Show 18 – Brous Blades MFCEO

Monday, June 4th, 2018

If you recognize the initials MFCEO, then you’ll immediately realize who Brous Blades made this knife for.


If not, that’s the moniker James Yeager goes by. He liked the style of the TDI, but was looking for a knife that filled out the hand a bit more, so Jason Brous machined the G10 handle swells to fit the hand perfectly in a forward or reverse grip.

The blade is D2 Steel and it comes with a Kydex sheath by NSR Tactical.

Also available in an aluminum trainer version.

James Yeager Announces New YouTube Channel

Thursday, January 4th, 2018

Last month, James Yeager was kicked off of Youtube. But he accepts that he needs Youtube, stating that it’s the second most powerful search engine on earth after Google.? While he pursues alternatives, he’s set up shop at a new Youtube address.

He claims that in its previous incarnation, you only got him at 75%, which was still more than they could handle. While he will still offer product reviews and tactical tips, he plans to throttle it back to 25% this time.

The plan is to reach the masses via Youtube and say what he really wants to at Eventually, he hopes that his libertv project will include others.

James Yeager Wants You To Help Him Launch YeagerTUBE

Friday, December 15th, 2017

As many of you may know, James Yeager has been banned by YouTube. To be sure, Yeager is a controversial figure in the firearms business. Some consider his banning is a blow to free speech while others feel that he brought it on himself. Regardless, we have to acknowledge that YouTube and other major social media platforms have become central to modern communications. Not many alternatives exist. Yeager recognized this and has developed a plan to create his own video hosting platform which he initially called YeagerTUBE, noting, “I am looking to build a free speech oasis in a sea of left wing censorship.”


The project has been renamed LiberTV with the project described as “WE are going to build a place where our freedom loving culture can share photos, articles, videos and podcasts. A place that doesn’t muzzle the voices of freedom and that cherishes our heritage.”

To make it a reality, he’s launched a Kickstarter campaign.

James Yeager Responds to Recent Negligent Discharge During Tactical Response Class

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

A few weeks ago we told you about a negligent discharge by an instructor during a Tactical Response pistol class at the Sacrememto Valley Shooting Center in California. Lots has gone on since then and I was remiss in keeping an eye out for a statement from James Yeager. I’d like to apologize for not getting this out sooner. But consider this, the incident reportedly took place on 18 February. My story was on March 3rd, after it had started to become a well known issue on the Internet. Yeager didn’t issue this response until 9 March, a full three weeks after the incident.

Below is the letter he sent to students of that class. It was posted to Facebook on 9 March, 2016.

Hello Alumni,

Well now that you have trained with us you are a part of our family…our big dysfunctional family. As I write this message I haven’t spoken with my crew that taught your Fighting Pistol class in Sacramento but I can still draw a conclusion. One of my instructors, Tim Morris, did something that was not in our curriculum, was not authorized, was not allowed, is not condoned and was very reckless, dangerous and negligent. We are all very fortunate no person was injured.

People from your class are already telling this story on-line and, of course, as it turns from an eyewitness account into gossip the story will get more and more outlandish. One day it will be so preposterous you yourself will have to interject that you were there, and that is not what happened, and you will be scoffed at. Such is life… I thank those of you who have not gone on-line and bashed us.

Well, I certainly cannot take that errant round back but I can deal with the consequences. I can tell you that Tim has never done anything like this before. It is still hard for me to believe he even did it! It is very unlike him but facts are facts. So I am left with what to do with Tim. I simply cannot do “nothing” but what do you do with a devoted employee that has worked very hard to be good at his job that does a hair brained thing like this? It is even tougher when this knucklehead is my friend. We are a close knit team here at Tactical Response.

So I am left with the aftermath to sort through and clean up. I have to decide to fire a guy on his “first offense” or if I should suspend him or make him do remedial training. There are many wrong answers and no 100% right one. Any decision like this weighs heavily on my heart.

I will end with this – I GIVE YOU MY WORD that nothing like this will ever happen again in one of my classes and I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE to every student in that class for his unprofessional display. It was WRONG and will NEVER happen again.


James Yeager

Please visit to read some of the student responses to Yeager’s letter.

Say what you will about the guy but he says what he thinks. But there’s one thing I’d like to address. Although Yeager didn’t name names when he spoke about those who had written stories about the incident he did mention that no one had contacted him. I fully admit that I didn’t. I knew about the incident not long after it happened when a disgruntled student made a post on the Tactical Response forum, Getoffthex. It was quickly deleted so I waited until more evidence was available about the incident. For me, the deleted post was a sign that Tactical Response wanted to sweep it under the rug and I saw no point in getting a statement from them. I’m glad to see James Yeager offer some transparency on the incident. Whether he wants to admit it or not, it does affect the training industry, despite what sounds like an impressive safety record.

I for one don’t want to see him fail. I want the same thing for any firearms instructor, but James Yeager influences a great deal of firearms owners. Instead, I’d like to see James Yeager be the best instructor he can be and to consider that influence when he acts, and to promote positive, responsible firearms ownership in all things.

AmmoNation by James Yeager

Sunday, November 24th, 2013

James Yeager is holding a crowd-funding venture on Kickstarter for a documentary titled ‘AmmoNation’. It will follow a group of James Yeager’s Tactical Response students through “..intensive and gut wrenching scenarios.” Depending on the success of the project, it might even turn into a series.

James Yeager Asks You To “Stop James Yeager From Being On Doomsday Preppers”

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

James Yeager wants you to sign a petition to keep him off of Nation Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers.

I don’t care if you love James Yeager or you hate him, that man knows how to work the media. This time he’s aiming to get his own TV show and he makes no bones about it. He knows that controversy means ratings. He’s got the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence on one side with their petition to persuade NatGeo to keep him off of Doomsday Preppers. On the other, he has NatGeo who spent a great deal of money to shoot the episode featuring him. So what does he do? He goes for broke. He wants his supporters to play both sides in order to increase the coverage (hell, it’s working…I’m talking about it) because he is betting that with enough interest, he can roll it into his own series. Simply Brilliant. You know what? I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if it works.