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Blade Show 18 – Brous Blades MFCEO

If you recognize the initials MFCEO, then you’ll immediately realize who Brous Blades made this knife for.


If not, that’s the moniker James Yeager goes by. He liked the style of the TDI, but was looking for a knife that filled out the hand a bit more, so Jason Brous machined the G10 handle swells to fit the hand perfectly in a forward or reverse grip.

The blade is D2 Steel and it comes with a Kydex sheath by NSR Tactical.

Also available in an aluminum trainer version.


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5 Responses to “Blade Show 18 – Brous Blades MFCEO”

  1. Ian cornell says:

    In before the comments get all salty. Looks like a sweet setup though

  2. Gerard says:

    Its a very nice design, and James Yeager is an experienced instructor. Evaluate this knife on its merits as a defense tool not on anyones views about James Yeager.

  3. Nugget head says:

    I’m really diggin on the the shape of the handle. Neat lil knife my dude

  4. d says:

    You lost me at Yeager.

    • Gerard says:

      James Yeager is a controversial figure in the firearms training community. Personally I find his videos helpful, he has many detractors.