SIG MMG 338 Program Series

Blade Show 18 – Bawidamann Blades Muninn Pre-order

Bawidamann Blades has quite a few styles on display but the new Muninn was the one everyone was after.


The Muninn is a smaller version of Bawidamann’s popular Huginn. Both are named after Odin’s pair of Ravens.


-Steel: .100 CPM S35VN
-Finish: Cerakote Elite “Smoke”
-Handle Scales:Bawidamann Chunked Pattern G10
-Hardware: 316 stainless standoffs and Coated torx screws
-Scabbard: comes scabbard ready to carry out of the box.
-Raven concealment iwb hook standard. Soft loop and Discreet carry gear clip optional
-OAL Length: 7.875 inches
-Blade Length: 3 inches
-Weight: 3.3 oz

The Muninn is currently available for pre-order at a pretty good discount (MSRP 285.00 Pre-order price $245.00).

Pre order window will be open for approx. 45 days. 5/30/18 – 6/15/18, with shipping commencing approximately 75 days after pre-order window closes. 9/14/18


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