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Wilson Combat Introduces The .458 HAM’R

Wilson Combat claims that its new .458 HAM’R is the hardest hitting AR carbine ever produced. Designed for hunting, they’ve combined an AR10 size bolt and barrel extension to handle this new cartridge which is capable of producing maximum pressures of 46,000 PSI while enabling it to exceed 3,000 foot pounds of energy from a short 18″ barrel. Bill Wilson and the Wilson Combat engineering team designed a “hybrid” length receiver amd BCG that is ¾” shorter than a standard AR10 to produce a rifle which feeds from their preferred Lancer AR15 magazine.

Available in Tactical Hunter and Ultimate Hunter versions.

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15 Responses to “Wilson Combat Introduces The .458 HAM’R”

  1. Odie Tucker says:

    Something tells me this will kill stuff.

  2. jjj0309 says:

    Another direct competitor of .458 SOCOM and .50 Beowulf? Always welcome. I like how it’s AR10 platform while using the AR15 magazine.

  3. JP2336 says:

    Show me a SxS comparison of this against the 45 RAPTOR, which beats all those others w/a 16″ bbl vice this and an 18″ bbl, and then we’ll talk.

  4. Tazman66gt says:

    Hopefully they don’t quit making parts for the .458 SOCOM. At least we know the quality of the parts from Wilson Combat.

  5. Joe says:

    So proprietary…

  6. Chuck the Duck says:

    Really. The HAM’R? Gunwerks released their HAMR last year. Wilson Combat cant come up with a better name. That is almoat as bad as Rtic Coolers. Wilson Combat just lost a ton of respect with me.

  7. Hawkin says:

    So how is this round more powerful than a 45 raptor that produces 51800 psi?

  8. Michael Garafalo says:

    As in so custom you have to order everything from them?
    No thanks, I’ll keep my REAL AR-10 in 45 RAPTOR that I can order parts from anywhere!

  9. Aaron Johnson says:

    Just buy the Omen or one of the hot rodded Garand jobs. .458win mag is more than enough, and the price and availability of short run special brass (of any quality) is way too big a hindrance to any but the most devout gun nut.
    Awesome thought, but like my “.45BLAM” wildcat not practical.

  10. Ralph culbert says:

    I just measured the muzzle energy on my 458 Socom. As per the design of Tony at Tromix and [email protected] TJJ.. 600 grain bullet made by Mr. Atwood. Leaving the 16″ 1:8 barrel at 2800 feet per second delivers over 14000 foot pounds energy. I make my own rounds. And I got plenty of videos and be shooting this thing full auto. It is a monster. How people can get away with saying they have the biggest and baddest well it’s not Sami spec yet. And Wilson Combat can say that because it is in a different platform. So they do have the biggest baddest cartridge for that particular platform

    • Dave says:

      The 600gr bullet isn’t going anywhere near 2800fps. You are not getting anywhere close to that kind of energy out of a .458 Socom.

      You need on if the lighter bullets to get over 2000fps.

      It’s a great round, but you claim is way off