N-Vision Optics – ATLAS Thermal Binocular

The ATLAS Thermal Binocular is the perfect tool for the serious outdoor enthusiast, security professional, hunter, mariners, and search and rescue operations. Adventure through any environment and be confident that you will locate and identify what you seek. Be bold and effective in any scenario with the ATLAS Thermal Binocular.


ATLAS is the first commercially available thermal binocular based on 12-micron technology. Lightweight and fully waterproof, the N-Vision Optics ATLAS Thermal Binocular is extremely robust and capable. Constructed with durable composite plastics, ATLAS delivers a high-resolution thermal image with extended detection, recognition, and identi?cation ranges in even the most challenging conditions.


Detect, observe, and capture your view in thermal vision with ATLAS’ four selectable polarity modes: Black Hot, White Hot, Color, and Edge Detect.


The long-lasting battery life makes ATLAS the ideal tool for outdoorsmen who demand nothing but the best equipment in the field.


The ATLAS Thermal Binocular will be on full display at SHOT Show January 23rd – 26th, 2018 at the N-Vision Optics Booth #20034.


10 Responses to “N-Vision Optics – ATLAS Thermal Binocular”

  1. Richie says:

    Not just waterproof, it floats too! 60hz refresh and 0.3MP res

  2. Arrow 4 says:

    I have seen the quality of equipment you sell to Law Enforcement agencies and I am appalled. I recently trained an agency you sold NVG’s to and the quality was so poor I would classify some of their NVG units and unserviceable. I find it unthinkable that you would put profit over the safety and lives of law enforcement officers. Every class I teach in the future will carry with it a warning to stay away from doing business with N-Vision Optics.

    • jbgleason says:

      The gauntlet has been thrown to the ground. Damn.

      • Arrow 4 says:

        Oh it’s just starting. They will hear from me in person at SHOT Show.

        • Max Rivkin says:

          Can you provide me with details ASAP? You can do it here in the open or via my email [email protected] or phone 781-505-8360. This definitely does not sound right and if this is _remotely_ true we will be sure to make things right.

          • Arrow 4 says:

            Max, I will contact you via email, but want to state openly that this agency tried to resolve these issues with N-Vision Optics directly and were told what they got met your specs/standards.

            • Max Rivkin says:

              Thank you. I received your email and responded to it. I disagree with your statement that N-Vision Optics was unresponsive to customer’s issues and I can prove the opposite. Hope to see you at the Shot Show where we may have a better chance to figure out what is going on and why we see things so drastically different.

              • Arrow 4 says:

                As a follow up. Max Rivkin and I are in contact and he provided some information that I was not aware regarding repair of some of the NVG’s sold to this team. He also expressed his commitment to ensure any other problems will be addressed. I will remain in contact with him and I appreciate his response.

                • Huch says:

                  I think this may have been the most civilized and rational online disagreement I have ever witnessed. Kudos to both sides.

                  • Dirk says:

                    I thought the same thing at first, and while I’m sure they’re both respectable, professional people, their interaction doesn’t represent the typical internet dispute. They are both assuming that there’s a real possibility they will meet face to face eventually. The denial of anonymity really keeps civility alive lol.