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World Champion Shooter Julie Golob Targets Firearm Safety with Children’s Book

Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules: A Children’s Book About Gun Safety hits online stores

KANSAS CITY, MO (January 4, 2018) – Author Julie Golob is a prominent voice for sharing safe, responsible gun ownership throughout the firearms industry and beyond. Golob is a decorated multi-time world and national champion, an Army veteran, and a mother of two, and her newest book, Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules: A Children’s Book About Gun Safety, encourages families to begin having conversations about firearms with children at a young age.


There are millions of guns in the United States alone. Despite how polarizing the media and politics make the topic of firearms, Golob emphasizes that we must talk with our children about guns and firearm safety to protect them and help prevent deaths and injuries. Her book Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules helps parents break the ice with kids on this taboo topic.

Golob’s career as a competitive shooter (she holds more than 50 world and national titles), military service, and expertise as a firearms instructor helped prepare her to write her first children’s book.

“I’ve been around firearms and the shooting sports all my life. As a mother of two young children, I wrote Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules to continue to teach my daughters about guns and firearm safety at a young age. My goal is to provide parents this educational resource to help encourage an open conversation with kids, because gun safety is for everyone.”

Throughout the 40-page book, Golob uses colorful and realistic imagery, illustrated by Nancy Batra, to inspire vital conversations about guns—starting by comparing firearms to other potentially dangerous adult tools. Parents and children can view some of the many different types of firearms and what they can look like. Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules provides parents with the opportunity to educate curious minds about how firearms work, call out the most dangerous parts of a gun, and identify adults children might know and encounter who safely and responsibly use firearms.


In addition, Golob provides a useful guide for parents on how to make the most out of the book, so that they can answer questions and establish family and home rules regarding firearms. Coloring printouts and additional free resources are also available at

Toys, Tools, Guns & Rules: A Children’s Book About Gun Safety is available through Visit for more information.


5 Responses to “World Champion Shooter Julie Golob Targets Firearm Safety with Children’s Book”

  1. Paul Heitmeyer says:

    Helps if the AMAZON link in the story links to the actual book.

    Here, I did you work for you:

  2. LowSpeed says:

    This is great! A constructive way to mitigate the chance of and reduce the occurrence of firearm-related accidental injuries and deaths of our kids.

    Last year ~3,964 children were accidentally killed or injured by a firearm, this is a great creative way to help make that number smaller going forward.

    • Ed says:

      You sure that number is not hyper-inflated by all the inner city drive bys and other shenanigans from criminals that happen to wound/injured innocent civilians or should I say non-combatants here in our own country??

  3. james says:

    Great job! Thank you… it is definitely needed…

  4. patrick sweeney says:

    Knock a couple of decimal points off of that figure, and you’re in the ballpark. the key words: accidental, and children.

    If you want to make the number close to the one stated, drop “accidental” from the description, and include anyone under the age of 19.

    Good on Julie for this, I hope she sells a truckload of copies.