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FirstSpear Friday Focus – OEM Partner Series – Ryker Nylon Gear

This week, we focus on one of FirstSpear’s OEM Partners, Ryker Nylon Gear and their AFAK (Ankle First Aid Kit).


Made in the USA by FirstSpear the AFAK (Ankle First Aid Kit) was designed by Ryker Nylon Gear for carrying medical items concealed on your ankle. Weighing in at only 2.3 ounces the AFAK is lightweight and comfortable making it very easy to conceal not just medical items.

– Features 3 Vertical pockets for items like combat gauze, mini compression bandage, tourniquet, trauma sheers, etc
– 1 Horizontal pocket that will fit a chest seal
– Includes new elastic extension piece for full size boots

OEM Partner Interview

1. Why was the AFAK originally developed?

The AFAK (Ankle First Aid Kit) was originally designed to provide a way for my friend Chris Lapre, a Arizona law enforcement officer, to carry medical gear in a low profile manner. At the time he worked plain clothes and conducted undercover operations while assigned to a federal task force. He wanted a way to have medical gear available immediately, but still be concealed. I went home that night with a list of items (chest seal, TQ, sheers, quickclot, gloves) we potentially wanted it to hold. This produced the first two prototype AFAKs. Once we started wearing the AFAK, the design changed slightly with Chris’s feedback. We had one additional AFAK in Afghanistan within two weeks of the prototypes being made.
My family and I started making them for free to send overseas to friends and acquaintances that needed a concealed medical kit option. I never intended to start a business and sell the AFAK. It was more of a way to help out people I know in high-risk professions.

Once the demand was beyond our capabilities I decided to start a business selling the AFAK.

2. Why did Ryker choose American Made?

While we’re a small business, I hope every time we order more product from First Spear it creates a tiny economic ripple that helps support American businesses. From fabric suppliers, sewers, fabric cutters, to office staff, etc and the American economy in general.

I’ve worked in manufacturing for 17 years and have personally seen the effects of what’s happened to people and communities due to outsourcing over seas.

American Made was the only way we were going to produce the product. Going overseas wasn’t an option.

3. How did the relationship between FS and Ryker begin (or how did you hear about us) and Why did Ryker ultimately choose FirstSpear manufacturing?

Our original local manufacturer went out of business right after our first year of business. We decided we had enough business to support First Spear manufacturing the AFAK. Chris Lapre who the AFAK was originally designed for, put me in touch with friend Ronnie Fowlkes.

We were only interested in American manufacturing that we knew could produce the best product for our customers. A good percentage of our customers work in high risk professions and depend on our product to carry critical medical gear. We needed a manufacturer that could produce a product that would last in austere conditions.

With a strong manufacturing background I was specifically interested in the quality of manufacturing that First Spear offers. These include Non Destructive Marking, laser cut fabric, etc. These practices make for a much higher quality, durable product in the end for my customers.

4. Any new product developments between Ryker and FS in the future?

Yes we are working on our next product. It will create a solution to fill a void in the vehicle medical kit arena similarly to the AFAK filling a void in the ankle medical kit market. We’re still testing it and it’ll be ready for First Spear later this year.


8 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – OEM Partner Series – Ryker Nylon Gear”

  1. BillC says:

    I have one. The quality is absolutely fantastic. I’m a smaller guy am able to use it daily with no issues. It’s also not noticeable after the gear “settles in”. I’ve only been using it for about a couple months now, but it do not doubt its long-term durability.

  2. Kipp says:

    I have been run one of these everyday for work for the past few months as well. It is by far the best ankle AFAK around. Like the BillC’s’ post said once the gear “settles in” it is very comfortable to wear all day.

  3. Mike says:

    Why would I want to conceal a first aid kit? A weapon, I understand. Why not just put this in a fanny pack or other visible bag?

  4. Anonymous says:

    A fanny pack is an immediate unique identifier when working surveillance or other operations. And I think they are pretty much obsolete in today’s fashion world in the US.
    Carrying med gear in a pocket is an option as is this. It provides a way to carry medical gear in another manor. More options are always better than none.

    • Agent_Orange says:

      ^ This. The only people who still wear fanny packs are the senior citizens at your local grocers scrawling out checks in their black wraparounds and the lost-in-the-90’s types who still think wearing photographer vests and fanny packs makes them Grey Men.