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ColorTAC Provides Clip-On Color Night Vision For The PVS-14

Night Vision technology has exponentially increased the capabilities of warfighters, law enforcement professionals, and hunters. Being able to see in the dark provides a marked advantage in hunting terrorists, criminals, hogs, coyotes, and other vermin. But even the most cutting edge technology has its limitations. Image intensification devices have always been monochromatic, making the ability to decipher contrast between colors an impossibility… until now. Chromatra LLC was founded by a group of innovative thinkers with experience in electro-mechanical design and military optics. After years of development, their patented Gemini technology is changing everything we thought we knew about night vision systems.


The ColorTAC CVA-14 is a rugged device that clips onto a standard PVS-14 night vision monocular (sold separately). It contains two filter wheels that rotate in sync fore and aft of the NVG. The two color channels are viewed normally through the PVS-14 and the user’s brain perceives the encoded color information in near-true color.


Unlike previous attempts to broaden the color spectrum for image intensifiers, ColorTAC represents the night in near-true color. Earlier attempts to filter color on existing night vision systems failed because they would arbitrarily assign colors to surfaces. ColorTAC represents objects, surfaces, and patterns in near-true colors for increased identification ability. The product is “near-true” color because certain lighting conditions may cause certain colors to appear slightly off their actual. Colors will still appear in the correct hue, but their shade may be just to the right or left of the actual color if it was viewed in daylight.


The CVA-14 works in conjunction with a legacy PVS-14 or MOD-3B monocular. Due to its size, the CVA-14+PVS-14 is not recommended for head mount. Though head mounting it is possible, hand held application like a thermal imager is better. The CVA-14 increases the users’ detection capability by allowing them to better see people or objects that might otherwise blend together in a monochromatic image. This is especially useful in Surveillance and Search & Rescue operations. Color capability also greatly enhances identification of targets. An individual target in a group of people can quickly and easily be PID’d by the color of his/her clothing. The same can be done with vehicles and buildings. The CVA-14 also features a quick swap ability that allows the user to turn off the color and view the scene through the legacy night vision only. This facilitates communication with other team members who may not be using a ColorTAC device, because it allows the observer to see what their teammates see. Tracking (and medical triage) is also easier when blood trails actually show up as red stains. Fast information processing is critical in the defense and security communities. Time is life, and the ability to quickly make sense of what you see can greatly impact the safety of you and your team. It can mean the difference between mission success and mission failure, proactively neutralizing a threat or reactively dealing with the fallout.


ColorTAC works with both green and white phosphor image intensification tubes, as well as infrared lasers and illuminators. While the image is incredible with a standard green thin-filmed tube, it is even better and clearer with an un-filmed white phosphor tube. IR lasers and illuminators show up clear as day. They have a white-ish hue under the CVA-14.


The CVA-14 is a rugged, duty-ready system. The housing is a durable impact-resistant polymer that is engineered and manufactured by Wilcox Industries, a leader in defense industry production. It easily collapses for storage when not in use and installs in seconds without tools. The CVA-14 is powered by two AA lithium batteries and produces a quiet hum while in operation. The hum cannot be heard from more than a few feet away. Operation is simple with a single push button controlling power and pallet swap. A small Color Enhancer lever can increase or decrease color saturation in the image to aid the user in detection and identification.


The CVA-14 marks a revolution in nighttime operations for professionals and civilians alike. Warfighters, law enforcement, and hunters can now see in the dark… in color. The exponential increase in safety, target discrimination, and combat effectiveness cannot even be measured. The world is in color: see what you’ve been missing.

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33 Responses to “ColorTAC Provides Clip-On Color Night Vision For The PVS-14”

  1. TheFull9 says:

    Love to get a look through a set of these. Curious how focusing is done on the fly though, guessing the front+rear units aren’t just friction fit on to the lenses.

    Like to see a helmet mount as well. Not like the complete package is any bigger than a dual tube setup, so be interesting to know the all-up weight.

  2. Benb says:

    Are those actual images? Wouldn’t the Molotov cocktail have some bloom?

  3. Washington says:

    Yeah, better stop that Antifa guy before he hurts any poor white supremacists or neo-nazis

    This past year has been hilarious since I’ve always said every dude who ever jerked off to the revolutionary war was always just a volunteer storm trooper waiting to happen. It’s always the dudes who’ve made zero effort at any point in their lives to go against the status quo who think they would of been some freedom fighting hero in some conflict that’s conveniently in the past.

    • Brodyman says:

      Comparing “anarcho-communists” with American revolutionaries just doesn’t really jive to me. Spend a little time talking to these people you’re defending and you’ll quickly see the kind of world they want to create is not one you’d want to live in. Basically what I’m saying is these folks are not the good guys. At best they’re political pawns, at worst they’re a bunch of teenaged to early 20’s vandals just looking for a cause to believe in and an excuse to loot and brawl. I mostly look at these folks and just feel sorry for them that they feel the need to be a part of this organization to have some meaning in their lives. Ultimately if these folks are looking for a fight they’re going to get it, and I don’t put odds in their favor.

    • Eddie says:

      Yeah, I think we all would like to see them duke it out with some actual skinheads instead of regular conservative people for once, but that’s not how it works. Cowards like them use makeshift weapons and pick soft targets. I mean, they attack innocent police horses. For the purposes in the ad it’s based on the common conception that bad guys usually wear masks. Poking fun at ANTIFA for being the punks they are is no skin off your nose unless you have low testosterone, in that case GNC has what you need.

    • jjj0309 says:

      …What? Is this copypasta?

    • Dev says:

      Came for the comments. Didn’t leave disappointed.

    • Bushman says:

      The fact that radical anarchists call themselves “anti-fascists” to have a better public image, only makes them worse. And only an idiot can make conclusions based on a name.

    • balais says:

      Is that why hopey dopey changey Obama lovers had a nice cup of STFU about foreign interventionism, surveillance, and increasing executive powers once their guy got in office?

      Funny that. These were the same people that weren’t afraid to join anti-war and anti-government rallies during the onset of OIF, now they’ve become strangely silent. And some media outlets like Salon have openly stated that they’re supportive of the deep state.

      Who knew? if revolutionary war admirers were storm troopers, then so are the american left, apparently. Its your reasoning.

      Antifa just doesn’t hurt white supremacists or neo nazis either (in fact, how have they hurt white supremacists and neo nazis in any way? theyve brought those idiots to the mainstream now). Eric Clanton damn near killed a fella with a bicycle lock, as they say, look it up. I could go on and on.

      Yeah communism isn’t racist. So the fuck what? also look up the body count (surpasses 100 million) and see why people are miffed about these assholes running around. And isn’t it funny how they come out of the woodwork when clinton lost? anarchists mad that clinton (a big government, center right candidate) lost. Think about that.

    • Stefan S. says:

      Revolutionary War comment? WTF over? You being sarcastic or stupid? As a 3 war vet who is a descendant of 23 Patriots who fought in the original revolutionary war, I find you comment asinine. Go back to the kiddie table and let the grown-ups talk.

  4. Ronin says:

    Will there be a delay in image ? like a 9hz thermal or is it instant live like any NV ?

    This is kinda awesomeness in NV world…

    • tester says:

      There is no delay in image. It functions like an amber filter for a PVS-14. It does require slightly more ambient light. It is impressive technology, and down the road will be even more so.

  5. Stone11C says:

    Daaamn! I could’ve used something like this a few times running to a Chinook then disappearing into the proverbial “black hole.”

  6. Jeremy says:

    The future looks bright. I can’t wait for this to get smaller, and integrated for helmet mounted NVGs.

  7. Bob M says:

    Interesting to see how this might change the game for our whirly bird pilots.

  8. Mehmaster says:

    Ahh decisive political statements. That must really excite your government customers. The only thing I took from this is blah blah blah, see color, pull your neck muscles off the back of your skull if your wearing these on a ACH, and the alt left is a lawful target of law enforcement and military. Does your boss know your pushing political views through his shit? Or is this the official position of the company?

    • Stone11C says:

      How about you just slink back into Mommy’s basement and leave adult things to adult people. Since it’s pretty well academic at this point that the vast majority of military personnel are, in fact, CONSERVATIVE you might just run into a few such positions on this sight. Gasp, TRIGGERRRRED! ANTIFA along with ANYONE who burns, breaks, and steals things along with hurting people just because is by definition a lawful target of law enforcement. The military can also step in when certain things happen, as you are already aware of. Go cry like a little brat someplace else.

    • Chuck says:

      You must have had your power point presentations critiqued pretty harshly in 42A school.

      • Stone11C says:

        That makes perfect sense. S1’s a natural habitat for a turd like him.

        • Mehmaster says:

          when you say conservative do you mean Joe only knows two amendments, professes a nominal faith in blue eyed Jesus, dips Skoal, wears gruntwear, and loves him a big ol truck and some bud?Then yes you have a fuck ton of “conservatives” in the army. On the other hand if you mean family oriented, religiously devout, and law abiding then you must be a mortarman in the salvation army. also, I’m a paratrooper our s shops are full of Barrel chested Mongols . Ain’t no turds in my s1 homie.

          • Stone11C says:

            Watch out, we got a “badass” over here! Except acting like a whiny little progressive bitch to begin with doesn’t exactly set a foundation for your “he-man awesomeness”( we’ll call it BLATANT POSING instead). Here’s reality for you: Hillary LOST( get the fuck over it!), ANTIFA and the rest of thier ilk are nothing more than spoiled brats who need thier asses kicked!, and( don’t cry now cause this’ll really trigger your feels) whatever bullshit liberal ideology you’re infected by is fucking up EVERYTHING; basically…YOU…ARE…WRONG. I know, those three words hurt the worst. So when you’re done bawling like the alt-left vagina you actually are remember that OUR PRESIDENT is signing into law all kinds of things that can personally affect you in negative ways. Pure gloriousness. You have “a nice day now” guy!

            • Mehmaster says:

              Antifa is stupid. Political violence is as unamerican as murdering an un armed woman with your car because she is exercising her first amendment right. Ever heard of corporate welfare? I guess it’s more important that exon can rake in the billions than all Americans have access to health care. And yes the president’s cut of tdy rates negatively affected me. But not as much as the pipe hitters who spend 3 months away at a time. Those dudes now live in a greater America where they make less money. Keep drinking the cool aid man. Explain to your kids why they will have to pay more taxes because the tax breaks for the 1% increased the deficit. I hope you have Tricare forever ( a very socialist healthcare benefit) and never have to struggle to pay for medical care like millions of other Americans. But what about the less fortunate?I think white Jesus ( between Reagan and Dale senior in the “Dixie conservative” Pantheon) said something about the least of these in Mathew 25

              • SSD says:

                Tricare is socialist? Not if you’ve earned it. Tricare is not a handout.

                Do you attend the same party meetings as LT Rapone?

          • Stone11C says:

            Also, if the Site Admin decides to remove all these posts…he’s not “violating your 1st Amendment rights.” He’s getting rid of political bullshit ON HIS SITE brought on by a bitchy little progressive turning a NODS story into an abortion( here’s a hint, that means it’s bad.)

  9. Ben says:

    Note the red shirt and red bandana… I’d wager this character is more likely affiliated with ISIS, Jim.

  10. Pretty cool tech, had to go to TNVC site to clarify it is not meant to be helmet mounted, but gotta start somewhere.

    Very confused about why there is a debate about Antifa…. anyone who has been to a modern protest knows they are pretty much a half assed terrorist group. “Do what we want or we will wreck your shit” sums up their supposedly anti-fascist ideals….
    It is ok to want change or have “left” concepts, but Antifa specifically is fair to declare a threat.