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ACW Announces Acquisition Of Mageba Dye Range

American Cord & Webbing Co., Inc (ACW) is excited to announce the acquisition of a state of the art Mageba continuous dye range.  This electronic range is specially designed for acid dying, which allows for fast color changes, high performance and exceptional results.  ACW now has the ability to offer our customers custom dye services and color reproduction on small and large dye lot runs.

77C6C362-686A-45C1-B1F6-509113B20D57This multi-faceted range is specialized for the continuous acid dying of light woven tapes used in military clothing as well as heavy duty woven military webbing used in belts and military gear.

ACW now provides MIL-SPEC Webbing dyed to match the federal standard colors set by Natick Soldiers Systems.  Our Natick approved plastic hardware line is also matched to the federal standard colors and in stock.

Performance at its best.  We provide all your military needs in one click.  Please check us out online at www.acw1.com.


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