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OTB Boots is Back!

It is with great pleasure to announce that OTB Boots will re-launch right after the 2018 SHOT Show, with new product delivering in early March.


The original founder Dan Ellis was able to acquire the rights back to OTB in 2017. Dan has been busy working on a 2018 re-launch of some of its coveted models; same outstanding quality products with a new updated logo.

OTB Boots was always known to introduce market-changing innovations into footwear categories void of upgrades or technical advancements. This was demonstrated in OTB’s original model of the Abyss water boot that was developed in conjunction with the US Navy SEALs. Soon after, the popular DesertLite and JungleLite were introduced as some of the lightest boots in the field.

The JungleLite model has been re-engineered to meet AR 670-1 regulations yet still retain the superior support, athletic fit, and breathability not found in any boot on the market today.

OTB Boots will re-launch exclusively in March with US Patriot Tactical through their network of forty (40) stores and accompanying website. Sales and distribution will be managed by Black Lions Partners, a marketing and distribution company affiliated with US Patriot LLC. We are accepting new dealer inquiries for the second phase of shipments that will arrive in early Fall 2018.

You can view the new line up at

New dealer inquiries are welcome by contacting [email protected].


28 Responses to “OTB Boots is Back!”

  1. Kango says:

    I love my OTB Desertlites.

  2. Casey says:

    Glad to see them back. The Thor boots were a huge fave as were the bootistans. I hope the full line comes back. I still get use out of mine after all this time.

  3. Y.T. says:

    This is awesome! I loved my Desertlites and was sad to have to give them up.

  4. Eddie H says:

    Sweet, here’s hoping they redo the Bootistan boots, because those things were absolutely awesome!

    • Dan OTB says:

      Eddie, the Bootistan was a great boot. Sadly mine are worn out and relegated to use for painting ! Not sure if we’ll be bringing this back in the near future, but we are in talks for more styles.
      Keep posted to SSD, they will be the first to know!
      Thanks for your support, we are STOKED to be back!

  5. jjj0309 says:

    YES! Welcome back, OTB! The only OTB boot I missing from my wardrobe is Bootistan and I thought I will never get my hands on that boots. Shame on NB for just discontinued OTB boots.

    • Dan OTB says:


      Stoked to be back, looking at a few new models after the launch. Stay tuned to SSD!
      Thanks for your support

  6. Great to see they are able to make a comeback! Still rock my Thors and Bushmasters. New Balance wasted their opportunity.

    • CT says:

      Agreed. It was disappointing to see NB did F’all with the brand. I am glad they can make a come back!

  7. BS says:

    Where are OD Green ones? Or at least Black/OD?

  8. paul says:

    I still have my Bootistans!

    • Eddie H says:

      Likewise. But I only keep them in my deployment bag now, I don’t wear them while training any more. Which is a shame because they are fantastic

      Looking forwards to getting more so I don’t have to baby my one pair

  9. Lucky says:

    Bring back my beloved Bushmasters!

    • Dan OTB says:


      The Bushmaster was requested all the time, its the most requested boot by far.
      We’ll see after SHOT what we hear, but this is one we are looking at closely as the next “bring back”. Stay tuned to SSD!
      Thanks for your support!

  10. Buckaroomedic says:

    This is great news! I can start wearing my JungleLites again since I now have a replacement option.

  11. EdwinP says:

    So happy to have OTB making boots again. One of my more comfortable pair of boots. Now to make room in the closet. Thanks OTB.

  12. tremis says:

    Man. my Bootistans are awesome. I’d love to get a new pair.

  13. Chris says:

    Really wish those mid-height black boots didn’t have the zippers on them. They would make great duty boots on the police side of the house.

  14. d says:

    Bringing back the Thor?

  15. Northeast_Major_City says:

    Awesome.. love mine!
    OTB 941MBB Bootistan – 100% waterproof.

  16. Thomas Caldwell says:

    Dan, glad to see you are doing well and running OTB again!

  17. ninjamedic2293 says:

    I don’t understand why everytime a company comes out with a solid water boot it gets bought out and the bigger company kills the water boots. It happened with OTB and it just happened again with 5.10 and their Water Tennie. Glad to see OTB back in business.