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2018 Magpul Clothing Redux 

For 2018, Magpul has completely replaced their entire line of clothing. This new Every Day Clothing line is tighter than previous versions with just four shirts (long and short sleeve) and a pant. A couple of other pieces will follow in the Spring.

The first question everyone asks when they hear about Magpul clothing is, “why?” Magpul’s David Kramer explained it well, “It’s a natural extension of our firearms business, that we would build clothing that our community would be stoked to wear. Clothes that can be used for EDC, travel, road trips, and hard use. We build it to stand up to life.”

I wanted to know more. Why start over from scratch? I was told, “There are a variety of brands offering good options but often missing the mark in the sense of either representing our values, having the right features or even the right look. Many brands speak to a left leaning audience while other brands focus heavily on tactical where there was no one looking at the people who believe the Second Amendment in embedded into their daily lives. We need something for us, so we did something about it.” Granted, Magpul’s goal is to offer a quality apparel at a fair price, but this new take on clothing seems to spring from a deeper passion.

Like their earlier clothing, this is not made in the USA. Not at these prices. But, they are well made, hard wearing and good looking. I’ve seen samples. You’ll find iconic styles, with modern materials. Here’s a sneak peek, to whet your appetite.

Stateside Shirt


R&R Plaid Shirt


Weekender Chambray Shirt


Work Shirt


Reflex Pant


Be sure to check out the new line person at SHOT Show. You can also start purchasing now, on Magpul.com or at your favorite specialty retailer.


6 Responses to “2018 Magpul Clothing Redux ”

  1. straps says:

    Totally stoked about the direction these lines are going. Magpul, TAD, Arc, Kuhl and 5.11 are keeping each other honest and the customer is winning.

  2. tito says:

    Their ’17 line were awesome, but the pants were way too tight around my thighs.

  3. Velcro says:

    Let’s hope the fit is better, the large shirt i ordered felt like a medium had to get am XL and still felt tight

  4. John Francis says:

    I think the last couple of commenters missed the boat completely about where Magpul is going.

    If you want baggy stuff (why do so many guys in the tactical community seem to have thighs wider than Bo Jackson’s?), then hit up 511 or similar.

    If Magpul is trying to meet up with 2018, these pants will have to be significantly more of a slim fit to win…and it sounds like that’s what they’re doing.