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2018 FirstSpear Range Day – Ops-Core Special Operations Tactical Respirator

It’s been over a year since I showed you the first version of the Special Operations Tactical Respirator, but they are now starting to ship.


Since then, they’ve enlarged the replaceable filter with a larger version which offers more volume which subsequently makes it easier to breathe, particularly while under stress.


The SOTR comes from technology created for use in the F-35 Lightning II Program, this half-mask respirator provides protection against a wide range of oil and non-oil based particulate contaminants encountered by Special Operations Forces, tactical operators or specialized law enforcement officers.


The half-mask respirator filter offers at least 99.7% filtration efficiency against airborne particulates including lead, asbestos, lubricant mist, and explosive gunfire residue.


Whether you are riding a quad in the desert, training in a shoothouse or dealing with evidence collection in a clandestine drug lab, you need to protect your respiratory tract. SOTR is something you should check out.

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11 Responses to “2018 FirstSpear Range Day – Ops-Core Special Operations Tactical Respirator”

  1. Shozo says:

    Who makes the goggle kit?

    • Desmond Walsh says:

      Ops-Core Makes the Goggle kit…its called the Step In Visor…they have it at the booth

  2. Scott says:

    Does the filter provide protection against respirable crystalline silica?