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SHOT Show Industry Day At The Range – Glock

Glock had their new range of Gen 5 pistols out at range day, including the G19X, which is based on Glock’s entry for the US Army’s Modular Handgun System solicitation.


Right off the bat, it’s fair to say that the G19X isn’t a true Gen 5 pistol. While it incorporates some of the Gen 5 changes, such as a dual finish slide, ambidextrous safety, and lack of finger grooves, in was developed specifically for the US Army’s solicitation. What this translates to, feature-wise, is:

A compact-size slide on a full-size frame
A removable lanyard loop
Tan-colored magazines
No front grip cutout

This lack of a cutout also means the new Gen 5 magazines are incompatible with the G19X, due to their larger floor plates, but older Gen magazines are good-to-go. Factory +2 floor plates also up the capacity to 19+1.

Elaborating on the aforementioned “dual finish slide”, much like the Gen 5 guns feature an nDLC finish, the G19X features an nPVD finish, with a color the rep was adamant should be referred to as ‘Coyote’; officially, it’s not Flat Dark Earth, Desert Tan, or any such variation, folks.

The trigger, noted in literature as featuring a smoother pull with a weight of 5.8 lbs., felt pretty similar to a standard Glock factory trigger, if a bit nicer. The factory night sights were clear and functional, and easy to point at the target. The full-size grip, derisive as it’s seen by some, felt good in the hand, with the lack of finger grooves contributing to the comfort.

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8 Responses to “SHOT Show Industry Day At The Range – Glock”

  1. Ed says:

    Q: Can the floor plates be changed on the Gen-5 mags so they don’t have that “lip” and can be used for this pistol?

    Q: Can the removable lanyard hook, once removed, will that accommodate any after market mag-ext like Taran tactical, or would that overhang from the front grip have to be removed as well?

    • I spoke with a rep at the Glock booth here at the show, and he confirmed that the floor plates on the Gen 5 mags could be changed out so they’re compatible with the 19X.

      I can’t confirm the second question without having a mag extension and the pistol on-hand. My guess is if there’s any forward protrusion on the extension, it might interfere with proper function.

  2. SpankDaddy says:

    Ask Glock if they have any plans to make a 17slide with a 19 frame, you know, something I can’t do by simply putting a 17 mag in a 19???

  3. Papa Whiskey says:

    This with a TBRC mini comp would be a bad motherfucker