ALL SKILL NO LUCK team ups with Nate Murr to introduce the “California Combat Hoodie”

We recently took note of the Oceanside, California based company ALL SKILL NO LUCK a few months back with the introduction of their popular flannel field and combat style shirts. The company has gained a lot of attention for its quality and designs, and are constantly working on bringing new trend setting garments to market. Nate Murr, known for his popular B5 Systems Gripstop, and other designs with Kinetic Development Group, seemed to be running parallel with his thought process.

ALL SKILL NO LUCK and Nate have teamed up to release the ultimate low profile Urban outwear garment, The California Combat Hoodie. The Hoodie currently features two spacious, velcro covered arm pockets to securely hold extra gear, and is made from a thick, durable synthetic blend. This pullover warming layer currently exists in prototype form, and has already been spotted around SHOT Show.

The hoodie captures the warmth and style of the classic “Baja Hoodie” worn by surfers, college students, etc. and has been a pillar of southwestern cultural attire for decades. The company plans on refining the design further, and releasing a production version in a few months. We are told that the final version may have a hidden Kangaroo pocket behind the hand warmer pocket in the front, a small center of chest “Admin” pocket high center of the chest in the Anorak style, and other small useful features incorporated throughout the garment.

Stay tuned for updates, and let them know what features you would like to see included in the comments below.

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28 Responses to “ALL SKILL NO LUCK team ups with Nate Murr to introduce the “California Combat Hoodie””

  1. Jp says:

    I need this.

  2. Stan says:

    No garment that has large sections of Velcro covering the outside of a pocket is “low profile.” If I were to see someone wearing this it would immediately set off “cop/military” mental alarms. Truthfully, the upper arm pocket by its self on such a item would arouse my suspicions.

    • will says:

      … other normal people don’t care. well maybe if your a three letter agent trying to hide from a three letter agent. I’m not paranoid

    • OkieRim says:

      Somewhat agree, if you are already LEO/Mil/Ninja you might know what to look for, but it also blends pretty well, so the RO/USA might not notice.

  3. Hodge175 says:

    The tacticool market may have finally jumped the shark with this one. But hey if your ever surfing at Zero dark thirty in your 14’s you may need your IR call sign patch to guide you into the correct beach camp fire.

  4. Gerard says:

    I have mixed feelings about the shoulder velcrow too, but its all about what you attach, like a symbol of a marijuana plant or Bernie in 20 patch, make a leftist swoon and they wont notice anything

  5. Chad says:

    A ‘tactical’ Drug Rug! Neat-o

  6. SamHill says:

    Hipsters got velcro now. I second the notion that it looks like it’s just waiting for a marijuana leaf, bernie, resist patch etc.

  7. Alpha2 says:

    Please stop putting velcro on every damn thang.

  8. pablo says:

    I like the shoulder pocket and other features.

    I don’t like the external velcro.

  9. Tententacles10 says:

    Maybe a small bill on the hood.. like a gorka?

  10. Jeremy says:

    Mall Cop Velcro

  11. Gerard says:

    The entire look is important, sandals and totally ripped jeans. And yes, nothing says harmless leftist like a shoulder bag (purse). Dressed like this you can blend in for weeks in CO or CA or any University campus. To hell with ‘grey man’ Meet Leftist Person of no obvious Gender

  12. Erick says:

    This will go great with my Carhartts & Sanuks. Keeping an eye on these.

  13. Matt says:

    Appendix firearm access through the kangaroo pocket on the front

  14. Rob says:

    Perfect for the homeless sheepdawg that wants to IR signal the mission shleter soup kitchen downtown that he’s coming in for that good to go hot rats chow and free coffee.

  15. global village idiot says:

    Why did it take me SIX WHOLE HOURS to realize the headline to this goofy content starts with “[A] team ups with [B]”?!
    “ENGLISH MOTHER****ER, DO YOU SPEAK IT?” – Julius Winnfield

  16. al marvelli says:

    at The mall nobody will care unless you wear a plate carrier and
    Front sling something belt fed. The is plenty of military inspire details in
    Clothing. If you want to buy dope in this just get it dirty.

  17. Ray Forest says:

    As I recall, there was some sticker shock with the shirts being as they were just flannel shirts with shoulder pockets. What’s the price on these?

  18. Will says:

    People are taking this waaaay too seriously. Just enjoy it.

  19. kbob42 says:

    I hope they offer it in another colourway. Perhaps blue and white?

  20. Steve in Nc says:

    No molle provision? Pass.

  21. Ryan says:

    Hopefully, these come in Tactical Tummy sizes. (4X please)

  22. Dick says:

    Drop the velcro, and it will be fine.

  23. patrulje68 says:

    – Easy opening side split IOT access concealed carry.
    – 2nd the vote for other colors, blue and tan base colors.
    – 2nd the vote for kangaroo pocket access to appendix carry
    – Don’t really see the need for a “small center of chest “Admin” pocket”, plus it would make it stand out from normal “Baja hoodies”

    A couple minutes with a seam ripper will get rid of the Velcro for anyone that doesn’t want it.

  24. Fox82 says:

    I hope they make these to where they’re not so baggy around the waist (like most drug rugs). I have an athletic build like most of my partners I work with. I hope they take this into consideration when making them and give them a little more tapered athletic fit.