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Meet Reptilia, Eric Burt’s New Company

I’ve known Eric Burt for the past 10 years and watched him grow as a designer, specializing in firearms and accessories. He has worked for several industry leaders including AAC, Crye Precision, and Magpul.

A few months ago we met up in London where Eric told me he was going his own way and launching a new product focused company named Reptilia. He had started on the path a few years ago, but the plan was interrupted when took a position with Crye Precision so I was very excited to hear that he was ready to make this happen.

Eric and I spoke briefly yesterday about Reptilia. He already has a few designs finalized as well as a website and is seeking distributors. However, he told me he has an additional 25 designs all ready to go and will be pushing them out regularly.

He doesn’t want to build the same products as everyone else but rather fill niches in the market. So far, everything is customer driven and the products already built were requested by end users, while he was doing some freelance design work.

Eric left me with a rather ambitious vision.

As a company, Reptilia promises to uphold its standard of “Superiority Through Evolution,” providing unparalleled products and services. In an industry that is constantly evolving, Reptilia pledges to continually innovate, create, and bridge the gaps that challenge end users.

If anyone can do it, Eric Burt can.

Learn more at reptiliacorp.com.

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3 Responses to “Meet Reptilia, Eric Burt’s New Company”

  1. Brutal Buddha says:

    For a minute, I thought the Vatican had started a tactical division lol

  2. Jesse says:

    Eric is a solid dude and a great designer. His work on the SIX12 is incredibly awesome.

  3. Eric Kessler says:

    A legend in the making