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Nemesis Arms has the ANSR to the SOCOM Advanced Sniper Rifle

For the past 11 years David Ives at Nemesis Arms has been on the leading edge of innovation in the realm of modular precision weapon systems. Recently however, he became aware of the solicitation by SOCOM for their desired Advanced Sniper Rifle (ASR). Having already been awarded the patent for the only ambidextrous rifle capable of left and right-hand bolt change in a single receiver, he decided to take his products further and labor towards meeting the requirements of the ASR solicitation. Thus resulting in the Advanced Nemesis Arms Sniper Rifle (ANSR). The ANSR is a truly ambidextrous, modular, multi-caliber, tool less take down weapon system that takes precision rifles to the next level by using interchangeable magazine wells to facilitate the changing of calibers from .308 WIN to .300 Norma to .338 Norma.

Changing from short action to long action calibers is just scratching the surface of the capabilities of this unique weapon system. Like all of the precision rifles Nemesis Arms produces, the ANSR is the most modular and completely tool less weapon system on the market that weighs in at just over 12 lbs with the 24″ .338 barrel equipped.

The most defining characteristic of the ANSR undoubtedly the interchangeable magazine well to facilitate the switch from .308/.300 Norma to .338 Norma. The simple push button design can easily be changed out in seconds, and supports all commercial off the shelf magazines commonly used in most precision rifles today.


While many at first glance see just another modernized bolt gun, the ANSR is designed with the warfighter and law enforcement professional in mind. The modular and mutli-caliber design allow for the weapon system to be adapted to any mission within any environment with the most discreet employment of a precision weapon system possible.



If you are interested in learning more about the ANSR or any other products that Nemesis Arms offers, feel free to check them out at the 2018 SHOT SHOW at booth # 20231 in the Venetian Ballroom. They will be more than willing to show you how innovative and unique their rifles are.



2 Responses to “Nemesis Arms has the ANSR to the SOCOM Advanced Sniper Rifle”

  1. Shags says:

    Innovation my ass… Who’s been pushing out these rifles for years? EDM Arms was originally… Oh yeah, and Cheytac made similar rifles… I don’t want to hear about innovation from a company that charges extra for a hand guard, when the rifle is sold without it.

    • Zach says:

      EDM had the original. Then Cheytac paid to put their name on it for a while, that much is true.

      The basic design is similar, but you are showing your ignorance. I have been to the factory, and disassembled my EDM next to a Nemesis and had David Ives walk me through each peice of the systems and show me all the areas he changed for the better. Don’t let the similarities fool you. There are a lot of improvements. Improvements Bill Ritchie knew could be made, but he chose not to make.

      My windrunner shoots incredibly well. But it weighs damn near 40 pounds and has a bunch of quirks in its design that EDM was too stubborn to fix. There is NOTHING practical, or tactical about EDM’s rifles. They are too damn heavy unless you intend to be stationary for most of your deployment. There are large holes in the reciever which invite all kinds of dust, there is no way to mount a night vision device without paying a machinist or RND in CO to make you a new tube bipod or some other modification, and the standard EDM bipod is GARBAGE. The standard EDM does not come with a “handguard” either, so stop griping. And when EDM was making rifles, they were charging extra for their tube bipod too. So again, you’re wrong. Stop griping.

      Nemesis took a solid starting point and made it drastically better. Not to mention far less expensive, with better repeatability, and the added flexibility of changing magazine wells. Which by the way it totally original, they patented it.

      It’s practical, it’s got broad tactical application, and the price point is competitive.

      Absolutely no one makes anything close to this weapon in terms of it’s flexibility, mechanical repeatability, and portability