ORWM 18 – Dana Gleason Discovers The Wheel

For years, customers have been asking Dana Gleason to introduce a wheeled bag. They’ve listened and answered the call. At OR, Mystery Ranch exhibited their new Mission Wheelies.

Offered in three sizes (42, 81, and 130 liters), they feature a tub design made from a laminate of EVA foam exterior and polycarbonate interior in order to withstand the stresses of airline travel. The fabric is 1000D Cordura with 915D HP Cordura at the base.

The Mission Wheelie incorporates an expandable dirty laundry bag at the top and a footwear bag at the bottom. In the interior, you’ll find four zippered mesh pockets for organization. Finally, there are four handles (one each side) to make handling easier.

Just a heads up. As part of the MR commercial line, these are made in the Philippines.

Offered in Black and Coyote.

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7 Responses to “ORWM 18 – Dana Gleason Discovers The Wheel”

  1. Pat says:

    Funniest SSD headline of 2018!

  2. WmW says:

    Also +1 for the catchy title.

    These look like awesome travel bags. However, I would not purchase the 80 or 130 without proper locking zipper sliders on the main compartments.

    • straps says:

      On the outside chance the production models don’t feature this, there are cable-based locks out there.

      • WmW says:

        And those cable locks are very easily defeated.

        MR uses zipper sliders with a proprietary coating for durability. I don’t see them switching over to a different style. Their line of Mission Duffles do not feature locking sliders either.

        • WmW says:

          By defeated I mean that it is very easy to still open the bag without damaging any of the materials. Obviously, if someone really wants to get in there, they could just cut the bag open.

  3. rearmount says:

    Super sweet, but I really wish MR would start offering the NICE frame and bags separately for purchase, instead of requiring a “system” purchase. Kifaru, Stone Glacier, and EXO Mountain Gear all do it and I’m not sure why MR is against it…