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FirstSpear Friday Focus – New Woobie Colors

This week’s Friday Focus offers a first look at the all new Woobie colors of Sand and Commando.


All new for 2018 FirstSpear has released two new colors in their USA Merino Wool Woobie! Built with the heaviest wool package ACM-WARM600 this garment is incredibly warm and surprisingly lightweight, now available in two sharp new colors Sand and Commando.

Features a lower cut in the tail for extra warmth and a stand-up collar with FS low profile neck zipper. Wrist overs and thumb holes are built with FS ACM-BASE100 and can be pushed or rolled out of the way if desired. Exceptional cold weather performance with all the natural benefits of merino wool built for comfort and style you could wear anywhere.


Generously cut for ACM base and mid weight layering. If you do plan to layer underneath the Woobie go with your standard shirt size. If you are more likely to just wear a t-shirt underneath consider stepping down one size for a closer fit.

Made in America with American Merino Wool.



5 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – New Woobie Colors”

  1. MAP5 says:

    Do not let the price of the heavy Woobie warn you off. I purchased one of these when they were first released. This is the BEST piece of cold weather gear I own, period. It has been worth every penny. I wear it with a “silk weight’ long sleeved T underneath and a fairly light weight jacket over the top. Granted I am somewhat acclimated to the cold; it’s currently -7F. No need for big down puffy coat. The Woobie has been fantastic. As the temp moves into the double digits it’s all you need. I’m just a Dude, not in the gear biz nor have any relationship what so ever with First Spear or anyone working there. Oh, one more thing. When you wash it as recommended it doesn’t shrink like almost all my other merino has to some extent.

  2. Majr34t says:

    $282 for a shirt?? I can’t see paying that much for a shirt.

    • Exploriment says:

      Ahhhh…. It wouldn’t be the comments without someone feeling compelled to let everyone know that an item is outside of their price range.

      • Dellis says:

        This may seem like a hefty cost, and just based off the dollar amount it is. But what’s that dollar amount for?

        So far, everything from FirstSpear has been well worth my hard earned money. Now I am no door kickin operator so I may not have a need for a lot of their gear but their apparel side is wonderful. I just bought their Manatee Grey smock and that was over $400 and I know I will not be let down on that either.

        Seriously this woobie can go from a day on the range to a night out. Pair it with a button up dress shirt, maybe a tie, jeans and nice shoes and you’re set.

        I think while we always clamor for “sales, sales and discounts” and stores come along to fill that need it has a way of De-sensitizing us to “quality and cost”. This is American made and with Merino wool. This is quality gear/apparel and for that there is a cost. If Wallymart put out the same item, American Made with American Merino wool and sold it for $45 then one has a case against the cost.

      • Majr34t says:

        Whoa big money, slow your roll. Maybe in Beverly Hills, $282 is not a lot for an article of clothing. However, to us “common folk”, that’s a steep price point.