SPARTANAT – Andres Industries AG is bringing Diamond Age to Europe


Andres Industries AG, hitherto known for its highly innovative thermal imaging systems (TIMRO-X, TILO-3 see SPARTANAT Review), starts a cooperation with the US company Diamond Age for the development of ballistic protection systems and takes over its European distribution. Diamond Age has been intensively involved in the development of new materials for many years and specializes in the production of high-performance ceramics for armour-plating.

At the IWA and EnforceTac in March, the company will be presenting the BASTION helmet it announced last year. This is characterized by an unequaled bullet-resistance up to the range of rifles (VPAM 7). Although thin special panels are used for this purpose, the total weight of the helmet remains below 1.9kg, i. e. it weighs no more than a normal fragment protection helmet.


But even without the additional VPAM-7 panels, the helmet achieves the protection class VPAM 3 with a lower weight of only approx. 930g (shell weight). In the lightest combat-ready version, the helmet weighs only 1.15kg. Another special feature is the very low back face deformation of only one centimeter (0.39″) when firing handgun ammunition (NIJ Level IIIa). This extremely low value will become increasingly important in the future, as recent studies show that it is often not enough to stop projectiles. It is equally important that the depression on the helmet caused by the projectile does not lead to a serious skull injury.


Commenting on the new cooperation with Diamond Age, Andres Industries AG CEO, Björn Andres, said “For over a year we have been working intensively on ballistic protection systems and have built up a successful new business line. Most manufacturers, and we too, have so far been working mainly on new techniques to process existing materials better and better. We have found that we need to work more closely with developers of such materials because we need new and even better materials. With Diamond Age we have found such a partner. Where others stop at boron carbide, Diamond Age is just beginning.”

Andres Industries und Diamond Age auf den Messen in Nürnberg
EnforceTac from 7-8. March 2017 Hall 10 – 614
IWA vom 9-12. March Hall 9 – 405
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8 Responses to “SPARTANAT – Andres Industries AG is bringing Diamond Age to Europe”

  1. Seer says:

    Between this and last month’s IWI shotgun, it looks like Mobile Infantry Space Marine equipment development is proceeding nicely in 2018. What a time to be alive.

  2. Kris says:

    Reminds me of the helmet that the rebel ground forced wore in return of the Jedi.

  3. BrettW says:

    A “normal” fragmentation only helmet would weight 1 KG (or less), so doubling the weight is hardly about the same.

    The other issue is, while you can use a Standard NVG shroud in a 3 hole configuration, there isn’t a mount out today (that I know if ) that can overcome the extra 3/4″ (or more) of travel you will need to get the correct eye relief from your NVG’s.

  4. Nunya250 says:

    By that logic, the Mtek helmets wouldn’t give you the proper eye relief, but we know that’s not the case.

    • BrettW says:

      Its not really logic, its math. The Mtek is not the same as adding, essentially another helmet to the front of a helmet, and THEN adding a mount on… But please, go on ….

      • Nunya250 says:

        Well, I have used an Mtek and own 3 opscore maritime helmets, it is nice to have the mount closer to the shell like on the opscore helmets, but it’s not an issue getting the “proper eye relief”. Not sure what mounts you’re using, but the Wilcox breakaway mounts are pretty adjustable. The up armored appliqués are a great idea, especially for those that are doing the work out there.